7 Days of Desire: Sidereal Scorpio from HeruScopes

Great New Beginnings!

Sign of Ip, Sidereal Scorpio is only one week long. The New Moon in Ip is only a few HOURS long: from apprx 2 am until 10:05 am, with the moment of the New Moon at 4:19 am pst

This is a window of opportunity to make our desire, intentions, hopes and wishes known to the Goddess, to the Divine.
Dua Sesheta Ip: building a strong personality and character by purifying our desires, re-adjustment, re-alignment of our intentions. Only acting upon our highest purest desires, those that are in alignment with our purpose. Remember, Desire is Love + Hate: Love means moving towards what we like, and hate means moving away from what we do not like. Unconditional Love means loving without liking or disliking! It is NOT Desire.

Do not allow our Ego’s desires to rule us. Our Ego wants us to be safe, to play small, to avoid risks or anything that might lead to danger. The Negative aspects of the Ego can also be selfish, greedy, dishonest, etc, or Set. We must only act on our pure desires, not our fears or our lower nature. Take action from a place of integrity, authenticity, courage, not from fears. The Moon is about the Personality, creating a Strong Character. Dua Sesheta. This is the time to let go of fears, and open up to what is in our hearts.

Whatever we are focused on during this brief opening is what will manifest. If it is fear, our fear will manifest. If it is our vision for PEACEFUL VICTORY AND RESOLUTION AT STANDING ROCK, so shall it be. Remain on the Beauty Path of HetHeru, seeing the Beauty in ALL things, in all experiences, and Live with the Balance of Maat. Remember there is a Gift in EVERY Adversity.

The Sun moved into Ip on Nov. 23, and is in Ip during the New Moon, then moves into Imhotep on at around 4 pm on Nov. 29, These are the  7 Days of Desire: Sidereal Scorpio from HeruScopes.

Sesheta Ip
Ra Ip
HetHeru PiMaere
Asar PiMaere
Set Hupeneius
Djehuty Imhotep
RePhan Imhotep
PiCheus/Amun/Jupiter has moved into Aspolia
Heru PiCot Sahu
NebtHet KuUrKu

Chiron PiCot Sahu
Sedna Apis
Vesta Khepera
Juno Imhotep
Pallas Athena/Maat KuUrKu
Ceres/Aset Cetus/PiCotSahu
Olmec: 13 Storm

In addition to focusing on purifying desires and our highest intentions, we have a few more days to create or manifest our desires. DUA RA IP. Or at least setting up the right environment for the manifestation. Remember, even though we normally feel the effects of a new moon for an entire month or lunar cycle, during IP, IT ONLY LASTS ABOUT 7 DAYS. Ra moves into Imhotep around 4 pm on Nov. 29.

Dua HetHeru Dua Asar PiMaere (Venus and Pluto in Sidereal Sagittarius) signifies a time for wisdom, transformation, expansion, travel, and seeing the beauty in this. I used to feel overwhelmed a lot, and now, I see it as a period of expansion. This can also seem chaotic, that you are out of control, just keep in  mind that your life is expanding, your consciousness is expanding, and that you are in moment of intense change. As you ascend, and more of the illusion fades away, it can feel like you are in free fall. Just remember that you are a light being, that your existence is beyond what you see in the material realm. And, that it is a beautiful journey, no matter how many times you fall. No matter how things may appear, your life is in the hands of the Goddess, and is in Divine Right Order. In Fact, The Journey IS the Destination!

Set (Mars) in Hupeneius
Climbing that Mountain. Reaching our goals with one pointed focus and determination. Our Ego has been purified and tamed, and now sits at the front of the boat, directing our journey, with guidance and protection. I also connect with Muruga, who symbolizes our ability to manifest with our first eye and pineal gland. Visualize the vel or a spear, projecting from our first eye, either destroying obstacles and illusions, or as the projection of our visions into reality and manifestation.

Dua Djehuty Dua RePhan Dua Imhotep
Saturn leaves Sidereal Ophiuchus in Feb 2017. Until then we will continue to break boundaries in healing. This also is related to the crazy economy. STANDING ROCK. Djehuty in Imhotep signifies a time for wisdom and communications about natural health and alternative healing. Combined with the energy of RePhan, which deals with obstacles, boundaries, limitations, etc, now is the time for clearing/healing the throat chakra issues in particular, eliminating anything that blocks us, or limits our ability to communicate. I can even see how this will enhance the situation at Standing Rock, because being able to speak is one this, BEING HEARD IS ANOTHER! Let us all have the intention that the People at Standing Rock will be heard, and that this communication will improve the healing of the planet, and will protect the Water and the water Protectors.

Mercury also deals with mobility, movement. motion. May all of our travels bring about healing and elimination of blocks and obstacles.

PiCheus finally moved into Aspolia: this is the moment for planting seeds of intention for travel and education, for  expansion. Planting Seeds to Increase Connecting with the Witnessing Consciousness, the Amun Consciousness. Learning how to control emotions, how to rule and govern the energy in motion.

Aset PiCot Sahu: Divine Mother of EMOTIONS! LOL!!  Watch out for some of the “negative” aspects of the Divine Mother, the EXTREMES!
Maat KuUrKu
BALANCE in sharing the teachings, let them flow, but do not try to hold wisdom in your hand, Share knowledge, but hold no attachment to outcome or expectations. do not take personally if people hear, yet do not LISTEN! My mother-in-law used to talk to me about this: my zealousness in telling people about vegan and demanding they stop eating meat! LOL!! She would tell me to keep sharing the info, but not get angry when they would not change their ways…. Thanks Rosa.

Humanitarian that stands for Justice. Being in the Flow.

Juno Imhotep
Relationships that bring about healing. Commitment to Health and Wellness.Hearth, the Home.

Vesta is the Hearth, the Home. She is pure potential and essence. Khepera is Transformation. Khepera is responsible for the New Day. Positive Change and Growth in the Home and the Family.
Order, Clarity.


Overall, I would say that this New Moon, although short, carries great power, much like the Mustard Seed. Purify your desires, give your attention only to the Highest Intentions. Place your focus on Travel; and Expansion that brings about positive changes and healing in our relationships and our families. Especially improving our relationship with the Earth. Keep watchful eye on emotions, lest they steer you in a direction that is not in your best interests. Remember the Balance that you experienced during the Month of Maat. Use your first eye as a tool for projecting your vision into manifestation. Continue to break all boundaries and limitations in expressing and achieiving natural health and abundance. #STANDINGWITHSTANDINGROCK.

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