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Udja! Uben Nefer Nehast! Good Rising and Great Awakenings.

The Music of Tchiya Amet has evolved and expanded over the last 3 decades, reflecting her Spiritual Journey, growth and development with every song, with every melody, starting as “Just” a Reggae band, then Sirius Reggae, Native Reggae, always Cosmic, Conscious and Spiritual Reggae, then Celestial Reggae! Next, we expanded to World Music. If you notice, the songs are usually based on Ancient teachings from the Four Directions.

After exploring the Culture, Wisdom and Teachings of Turtle Island (for instance: Tsalagi (Cherokee), Lakota, Hopi etc), and Eastern Spiritual Traditions (Buddhism, Hinduism) this Music finally made its way Back To Africa as Tchiya began her studies of Kemetic (Ancient African Egyptian) Science, Wisdom, Spirituality and Yoga, and has been ongoing for the past 10 years.

The studies of these teachings has resulted in a profound change in her consciousness, as well as much needed healing at the Spiritual and mental levels. This has brought forth wonderful new music, in fact, a completely new genre for her. One that is not well known by the majority of music lovers or even spiritual community.: DEVOTIONAL WORLD MUSIC. This music can be utilized for meditation, yoga practice, or just for spiritual enjoyment. There are many women who have gone through spiritual awakening, and their music styles were transformed, especially her mentor, Alice Coltrane, also Donna delory. However, these were all based upon the Hindu or eastern Yoga traditions and Buddhism. There are also singers in the native traditions, that began as rock, then as they went back to their roots, beautiful Native American Hymns came through their souls, singers such as B=uffy St. Marie, Joanne Shenandoah, and Rita Coolidge.

Tchiya Amet has traveled through these traditions, and now has found her musical abode within Kemet, following the teachings of Shetaut Neter (Hidden Divinity) under the guidance of Dr. Muata Ashby (Sebai Maa) and Dr. Karen Dja Ashby (Seba Dja). Visit their website at

Tchiya had been looking for a place to offer these concerts since moving to Chicago, with not much success. Then, on December 30, Sebai Maa challenged her to start streaming the concert series online. January 24 was the first live stream on YouTube, and was met with success. After 4 more concerts on youtube, one streamed from Cairo Egypt, the series was moved to another platform:

The Music comes through in many ways:
1. when studying teachings from classes I am taking, certain phrases or passages stand out, and then a melody coms though when going over my notes! This is how most of my Reggae Songs came abut as well… reflecting on Spiritual Teachings from Indigenous Cultures and Traditions of the 4 Directions…

2. I have an issue, and am looking for a chant or prayer to shift my frequency and vibration. These would be called Sacred Words of Power.

3. Reading the passages of the Pert m Heru, in order to write a prayer for someone that has passed away.

4. Inspired by Celestial or Current events, the Hekau (chants) are like Musical Remedies. Often times, Hekau are sacred words of power, but most of the time, they are for Adoration…

5. Divine Singing: selected scriptures are put to music. They are not chanting, but Divine Singing, and these passages usually contain some type of formula or ritual within them.
“The Breath of Life is Contained within Sacred Words of Power.” Kemetic Wisdom

6. Traveling in Kemet and visiting the temples ALWAYS inspires new music. In fact, I have begun a Musical Initiatic Journey Travel Journal to document my experiences. The Concert from Cairo features the new songs that came through.

There is sooooooo much new music now, that I must simply (HA!) not easy though) STOP EVERYTHING and start recording…..

Join us every Second and Fourth Friday for a unique, one-of-a-kind online experience. Although I began streaming before the Plandemic, thanks to COVID19, now EVERYONE is doing online streaming concerts! Prayerfully, one day soon, we will be able to attend and present live in person concerts again. But for now, thank goodness we can experience music together in this way.

Please buy your ticket at least 3 hours in advance of the showtime, so that you can receive the Concert handout, which contains the lyrics, translations and teachings for the music that is offered. If you would like top receive the replays for the previous stage concerts, just send a small donation to or cash app: $AmetElMaat and the links will be sent to you. You can watch the previous youtube concerts here:
Ancient African Adorations

You can buy your ticket

and you will receive the link to the livestream…

Looking forward to seeing you Friday September 11, and each SECOND Friday after that 7 pm Central at


Arit Tchiya Amet

(Arit is my Kemetic name: It means Offering. I thought about just using it, instead of Tchiya. However, decided to just add it to my name…instead of wiping out Tchiya Amet! I am accepting of every aspect of Me. Through all of the growth and changes….pains and sadness too)

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