Ancient African Adorations: ONLINE CONCERTS 2020!

The evolution and spiritual awakening of Tchiya Amet is reflected in her Music. The most recent development has been a spiritual reconnection to Kemet, the remembrance of Her Divinity and relationship with the Higher Self. This Music has become a vehicle to carry her and all who listen onwards, to Nehast, Enlightenment, the Great Spiritual Awakening. Hotep!

Standing Rock Update

Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park Summer Solstice Celebration ​The Festival Organizers have asked us to bring this music to their event. Fortunately, I have just recently moved back to Chicago, and have a great new band. They want to keep the event free for the Community at Standing Rock, and so, we are asking for your contribution, to go towards our transportation costs. This event is not a benefit or a fundraiser,…

Limited Tickets Tchiya Amet’s Live At The DoJo In Chicago; June 25

Limited Tickets To See Tchiya Amet, Live @ at the DoJo, Chicago, IL. June 25, 2017  Press Release: June, 7, 2017 Tchiya will be performing her traditional “Reggae Jazz Fusion” show, but will also be performing a second show: a rare performance of her “Egyptian Fusion Reggae” music at DoJo. The shows will also feature Jamaica’s own Lenni I and Chicago’s own Dub Dis Reggae Bands and limited tickets are still available for…


KemeTones: BONE WELLNESS Healing from Injury, and Good Maintenance   Dem Bonez Dem Bonez! DRY BONES! I would say that 40% of clients that I see at special events and festivals  have back problems, slipped disc, broken bones. I usually end up writing down this info, so I decided to create a webpage where I can share findings on  KemeTones: BONE WELLNESS   I always recommend the Bone Tea and…

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