Congratulations to Bandleader/Bassi Ludlow “Bingie” Lloyd Mckenzie!

Congratulations to Bandleader/Bassi Ludlow “Bingie” Lloyd Mckenzie!

Reggae Wellness Expo & Music Festival Musical Mission Focus Is To Honor And Recognize Unsung Jamaican Music Pioneers & Provide Exposure For Jamaica’s Next Generation Of Music Stars Each Year At The Annual Event. “RW” Mission Is To Always Be A Beacon And Champion Of Encouragement For Reggae Music Workers and Players of Instruments.”
  In 2017 The Honor Goes To Legendary High Symbol’s Band Leader/Bassi, Ludlow “Bingie” Lloyd Mckenzie.
Jamaica is commonly known as the Reggae Capital of the World and home to many great well known Reggae bands and even more great Reggae singers. Behind every great Reggae vocalist’s live show, there was always a great bandleader that helped bring their music to life.
“Bingie” has been bandleader for hundreds of these act over the past twenty years, unlike the stars he has played behind, many outside the Reggae arena have no knowledge of his achievements during that time.
In 1987 Mckenzie formed the band “FM Force Band” with Sanchez as lead singer, Sanchez left the band in 1988 to pursue a solo career. Afterward He decided to changed the name of the band to High Symbol Band with original members consisting of musicians: Ludlow “Bingie” Lloyd’ Mckenzie-(bandleader/bass), Bernard’ Powell-(drums), Elana Lewis-(guitar), Noel Davy-(keyboards),Garth Gray-(keyboards).

Current band member are Ludlow “Bingie” Lloyd Mckenzie (bandleader/bass player), Bernard Powell(Drummer), Philip Porter(Guitarist), Everton “Bubbler” Bryan(keyboardist1), Theodore Bernard(Keyboardist2) Duhaney ‘Singing Green’ Green(Led Singer) and Kenton Boyd(Engineer)

“Bingie” has toured extensively in the Caribbean, Mexico, where he is revered as an icon in Cancun, US, Central America, Europe and beyond.

Sure he was the bandleader for acts that performed before Nelson and Winnie Mandela in Kingston National Stadium, or at the Bob Marley Song Celebration in Australia and if you ever saw any of the acts listed below performing live, its a good chance “Bingie” was the bandleader.

Ladies First:
Marcia Griffith * Cindy Breakspear *JC Lounge * Pam Hall * Claudine Davis Dacia *Sister Charmaine * Sister Nancy * Lady G * Lady June * Mechiel Irie * Lady EQ * Isha Bel *Jennifer Barrett Sofia Brown * Sofia Squires * Sofia George * Tchiya Amet * Margaret Young * Angie Angel * Moeish * Empress Reggae * Tasha T * Cherry Nature Iquela Empress Sativa * Keida *

Dennis Walks * Ernie Smith * Half Pint * Horace Andy * Fred locks * Errol Dunkley * Pad Anthony * Utan Green * The Abyssinians * Michael Rose * Junior Reid Luciano * Dennis Brown * Gregory Isaacs * Eddie Fitzroy * Frankie Paul * Stranger Cole * The Silvertones * Earth Disciple * Ken Boothe * Yami Bolo * Bunny Brown * Sizzla Courtney John * Aaron Silk * Hezron * Courtney Melody *Mikey General * Natty King * Chuck Fender * Ras Shiloh * Mark Wonder * Dub Core * Leroy Sibbles * George Nooks * Admiral Tibet * Richie Spice * Spanner Banner * Paul Elliott * Tony Rebel * Capleton Welton Irie * Junior Cat Daddy Shark * Quench Aid * Saba Tooth * Super Black * Junior Vibes * Junior Demus * Wappa Demus * Yellow Man * Delroy Wilson * Torch * Hopton James * Lt Stichie * Purple Man * Ninja Man * Torch * Ninja Ford * Jah Mason Fantan Mojah Turbulance * Abijah *Jah Cure * I Wayne * Bescenta Nesbeth * Assassin Ghost Natural Black * Prince Allah * Jah Mali * Captain Barkie Wicker Man * Tapa Zukie * Bunny General * Elephant Man * Beenie Man *Bounty Killer * Icho Candy Yasus Afari * Everton Blender * Alton Ellis Pinchers * Leroy Gibbons * Andrew Tosh * Bobby Burnse * Terry Fabulous * Mr Vegas Nitty Kuchie Peter Metro * Ronnie Twaites * Prof Nuts * Louie Culture * Ras Takura * Robert Mystic * Wasp Goddy Goddy * Bobby Tenna * Michael Fabulous *

“Bingie” has also been writing and recording for a number of years but never release them, he and the band are currently preparing to release many of that music on an up coming CD.

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