Cosmic Adorations

Great Eternity!

Light and Life are steering me in a different direction, or should I say, a different reality. Things are happening too fast to explain every detail, so just do your best to keep up…

Ancient African Adorations has evolved beyond Africa. In fact, the last time I was in Kemet, the message was this: time to focus in uniting East and West, just like in the past, they united Northern And Southern Kemet. This message is referring to Amaru Khan and AlkeBulan. Or Kemet and Ta Meri. American Continent and Kemetic cultures in African Continent. Back when I was “just” a Mother and a musician, I had plenty of time for my research project: Galactic, Sirius & Pyramid Cultures. So much is happening, so I will to digress here. All will be revealed in due time…


Cosmic Adorations, formerly known as Ancient African Adorations, now has 2 expressions.

Sacred Hoop and Divine Holy Days.

The Sacred Hoop consists pf the constellations Gemini (Djehuty) Canis Major, (Anpu) with Sirius (Aset) and Orion (Asar). I learned of the Sacred Hoop from the Lakota. When the Sun (Ra), planets (The Neteru) enter this Sacred Hoop, there will be an offering of Musical Devotion.

Divine Holy Days come from the Dogon Sirius Tradition in Mali. This Sirius Sidereal Kemetic Calendar has 12 months with 3 ten day weeks, plus one month with 5 days. Every 9th day of the week is a Divine Holy Day. A divinity is assigned to each decan. You can learn more about this calendar from There is also an app!

Each DHD, beginning after the Golden Hour, at this time, around 6:30am or 7:30am CT, livestream at YouTube, tiktok and instagram channels.

HeruKuti 5/27/23

Here are the dates for the rest of the year 422…

Dekan WeekDateNeteruStarting Time
Henetw GerwJune 6, 2023/ Khepkhan 29NeferTem & HeruMakhet6:30am CT
KhatJune 15, 2023/ Peninit 9Ptah & HerShafi6:30am CT
Sa-Wy-KhatJune 25, 2023/ Peninit 19Amon6:30am CT
HawJuly 5, 2023/ Peninit 29Menquet & Sept6:35am CT
HartJuly 15, 2023/ Heb Senseni 9Ihr6:40am CT
RemnhryJuly 25, 2023/ Heb Senseni 19Meshti6:45am CT
TcheserkAugust 4,2023/ Heb Senseni 29Shuf7:00am CT
RemngryAugust 14, 2023/ Mesut Re 9Renenutet7:100am CT
WartAugust 24, 2023/ Mesut Re 19Shes & Heru7:15am CT
Pehwy HerySeptember 3, 2023/ Mesut Re 29Remut & Ist7:30am CT
KnemutSeptember 19, 2023/Tehuti 9Seb & Ismet7:30am CT

A Subscription Service will be available soon: you will receive the Songbook with lyrics and teachings before the Divine Holy Day so that you can read and sing along. When the next album is released, you will be able to obtain downloads etc at a discount. All proceeds go towards the Musical Ministry & Mission of AstMaataJi Temple of Divine Light, Healing & Sweet Sounds.

Dua Master Naba. Dua Sesheta. Dua Nut. Hotep

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