Day of Nut

Ancient African Adorations Musical Offerings and Wisdom Teachings for Goddess Nut.

February 26 is the Day of Nut according to the Neterian Calendar of Holy Days presented by
In this series, Musical Offerings of Wisdom teachings are shared in alignment with the Holy Days.


dua Asar un nefer Neterah mph vol 1 pg 153 hymn to Asar
4 Great Truths
Dua Nut Muta Ra
Chapter 19
Dua Nut Dua Geb Dua Shu

Wisdom Teachings

“O my mother Nut, spread yourself over me, so that I may be placed among the imperishable stars and may never die…that my name might remain enduring in this temple forever and ever.

Utterance 432 – the Pyramid Texts (written circa 2500 BCE):

O Great One who became Sky,
You are Strong, you are Mighty.
Every place is filled with Your Beauty.
The whole world lies beneath you. You possess it!
As you enfold the whole Earth and all things in Your arms, enfold me too.
Make me an Indestructible Star in your Body.

“I am Nut, and I have come so that I may enfold and protect you from all things evil.”

According to the Ancient Egyptian calendar, February 1st (Rekh Neds 18) is a Very Favorable Day as “It is the feast of Nut, who counts the days.

Oh my Mother Nut, stretch your wings over me. 
Let me become like the imperishable stars, 
like the indefatigable stars. 
May Nut extend her arms over me 
and her name of 
   “She who extends her arms” 
   chases away the shadows 
   and makes the light shine everywhere. 
O Great Being who is in the world of the Dead, 
At whose feet is Eternity, 
in whose hand is the always, 
Come to me, O great divine beloved Soul, 
who is in the mysterious abyss, 
Come to me. 
Ancient Egyptian prayer 

Tjef Neteru Sema Paut:
“I Am the Cosmic Mother of Asar, I Am Your Mother. I Am the Night Sky and Outer Space. My Body is made up of stars which are my children who I invited to be with me at the time of their death. I Comfort and watch over you always. At the end of your journey on Earth, I invite you to experience the comfort of the bosom of vastness.”

Goddess Book pg 69-71

pmh vol 1 pg 79-80 vs 8-10

Nuk ua m enenu

n Neteru mesu

Nut semaaiu

cheft nu

Asr chnra sebiu

her f nu imtu

k Heru

closing chant: Goddess Chant

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