Dua Aset

Uben Nefer! Here you shall find Musical things related to Goddess Aset.

Lyrics Video from 2022

This song is for the observance of the Birth of Aset during the Celebration of the Kemetic new Year, this year is 38,787! Aset and her twin sis her NebtHet have headdresses that are inversions ofd each other, and so, the two new songs for today have harp parts that are inversions of each other! This was so much fun, and the way to came about is very mystical….

This song is a gathering of teachings about Aset and her gift of awakening consciousness ess. The lyrics are taken from. my notes form two books by Spiritual Preceptor, Sebai Maa, Dr. Muata Ashby. The Temple of the Soul and Pert M Heru Vol. 3 The passages where the passages were found isn listed in the lyrics along with translations and teachings.

Instrumentation: Seprewa Ghanain Harp
Seshesh (Sistrum) Finger Cymbals
A drum, I forgot where it comes from…
Snaps (not looped, I snapped for the entire 10 minutes!!!)
Voice. Inner and Outer Joy.

Inner and Outer Joy. These new songs are really perfect for dancing….I honestly cannot say that this music is in any particular genre. Sometimes, it feels like Nina Simone helped me with them… Many will say that my voice reminds them of Sade. I call this Kemetic Devotional World Music for now…. Dua Seba Maa Dua Seba Dja. Dua Aset. Hotep!

lyrics Vol 3 PMH pg 118 Aset Pu her sheta im-s Isis the person hidden inside-she Goddess Aset my capacity to have clear intuitional understanding about the nature of Self And Creation as well as clear spiritual vision that resurrects my individual soul ; was there , in my forehead all along…

Aha en san n-s sheny z im ar wadjyt …rises up wiping away of-she hair she within as to Cobra Goddess of the north Rising up from the place where she was subsumed by the blockage from ignorance. Owing to the action of wiping away the impurities, the blockages of dirt and disease from excrement that were there, now I find that Aset, as my third eye, is within my forehead as the Cobra Goddess of the North

Nebt imu chetu arit Ra pu …mistress within fire eye Ra that {With the mistress, the fire spitting cobra, the eye of Ra, the Creator Spirit, that third eye (HetHeru) that destroys, burns away, all desires, of the soul, in the form of iniquity of the heart, ignorance, egoistic desires, obstacles to higher vision, and realizing my identity with Ra the Spirit.}

The gaze of Aset is a different kind of nourishment imparted through the eye

This gaze is communal consciousness
Imparting thoughts, wisdom that leads to intuitional wisdom
She is the true support for one who sits on the throne of righteousness.
With Her Mystic Principles of Intuitional Wisdom And Protection

The aspirant will never fall back into ego again
Royal Personality, submit to her wisdom so that she may protect the Soul

Temple of the Soul
Urt Mut Neter. Great Mother Goddess. pg 193
Aset her -ab Het Men Maat Ra Aset
the innermost reality of the house of one established I the Truth of the Creator Spirit pg 593
Aset Nebt pet Hemut Tawi Aset Mistress of Heaven Queen Mother of the two Lands. Pg 562
Aset Nebt Mut Nebt Pet Aset Divinity Mother Mistress of Heaven pg. 641
Henut Neter Rech
Mistress of the gods and goddesses
Ra m rent djezef She who is the knower of Ra’s name pg 121
Aui her k Arms personality thine
Em sa hau Akhu Through protect body parts Shining Spirit
Her Arit maktu k Personality this act is protection thine pg 642
{I Aset, take your personality into my embrace As I did for your father, Asar, and protected him from the danger of death, so too this is protection for your personality, the parts of your soul consciousness have been reintegrated , your body is now therefore, not just physical, but a shining spirit body. This Shining Spirit being means knowing self as the incarnation of Zokar
and if you have that knowledge, you know your are my son Heru and this knowing, this conscious awareness of being my son and being worthy of my embrace, is your protection from weakness, egoism, and mortality. You are Shining Spirit an enlightened being, who walks unearth with my acumen, in the form of Heru and who at the same time exists in heaven in the form of Zokar} pg 642

Aset the Great Lady of Enchantments The Great Lady & the Mistress of the gods Aset is the healer of the greatest illness in all Creation. She heals human beings from the illness of ignorance of their true self The transmitter of the Divine Grace of Creation

credits released July 18, 2020: July 18 2022
Lyrics taken from notes from books by Dr. Muata Ashby. Music and Lyrical arrangement Tchiya Amet aka Arit Neter S Mery Maati license all rights reserved

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This clip contains Sirius medicine….

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