Dua! Sopdu Uben Nefer & Kemetic New Year 38,781 (2015)!

Dua! Sopdu Uben Nefer & Kemetic New Year 38,781 (2015)!
Good Rising and GREATEST Awakenings! With LUVIBRATIONS from HeruScopes©!!


If you are new to Sirius Rising, here is some background information to get you going with the SPIRAL DANCE!!!

The Sirius Star System

Sirius Rising and the Dog Days of Summer


Sirius Culmination is December 31

Sirius Culmination Viewing Guide

this ritual can be observed at anytime of year….

Sirius midnight culmination New Year’s Eve

Blue Lotus Speaks: Sirius Culmination 2015 Reflections on 30 Years of Living with Trauma and Assault

Each year, prayerfully, we go UP AND AROUND the Spiral, and have gained wisdom and knowledge. What makes THIS Season of Sirius Rising DIFFERENT from the others???

from lunarplanner.com

In addition, this Venus retrograde cycle is extra magnanimous and provides an exceptional opportunity for tremendous growth to expand and elevate our values, our capacity to be receptive, and to break trail into new realms of love and compassion, due to its triple conjunction with Jupiter. The Venus-Jupiter conjunction began on July 1, in the previous lunar cycle. The second conjunction occurs during its retrograde on August 4, and it completes, after Venus returns direct, with its third conjunction occurring on October 25, 2015. This is when we will be impelled to fully externalize and mobilize this growth in our lives and in our world.

 here is video from lunarplanner.com showing the retrograde motion…


DUA HETHERU: A portal will be opening soon, a PORTAL TO LOVE, LOVE OF SELF!  Love of the Divine. Let’s see what the HeuScope has to say about all of this….
(be sure to have the HeruScopes© Handbook and Resource Guide close by…)


Many of you probably think that this current New Moon Cycle began with the New Moon in Cancer. Here at HeruScopes, the Sidereal System, the truth is that we entered into a lunar cycle of Pi Mahi, Gemini the Twins, and this has to do with communications and duality. The Sun is still in Gemini until tomorrow!
Ra Khepera (Sun in Cancer) begins TOMORROW! July 21….

Sopdu Rising is not just one day: it rises over a different Sacred Space or location each day until She is visible by all. At HeruScopes, in addition to being able to view this lovely gem every evening after absence of 70 days, this event signifies the rebirth/renewal of the Divine Feminine every year.
Here is a recording of the Story from the book The Sirius Mystery, by Robert K.G. Temple about the Helical Rising of Sirius. Sirius is connected to Aset, Isis, Yemanjah, etc. With the Sacred Darkness, with the Divine Mother.

a SIRIUS Fairytale, as told by Robert K.G. Temple, presented here by Tchiya Amet El Maat


Ra Pi Mahi moving into Khepera on the 21st…. Creating Transformation, or Creations that bring about Transformation.
Sesheta , on the day of Sirius Rising, as well as Kemetic New Year, the Moon is in
Sekhmet (Leo), along with HetHeru , and Amun (Jupiter). This will be a year filled with powerful healing,  and spiritual battles. Communications creatively moving towards transformation. The Portal Of HetHeru gives us a unique opportunity to experience the Art of Self Love versus Feeding the Ego.  Remaining True to Self at all costs. Following intuition: “I remain seated on my inner throne and I shall not be moved”. The Spiritual Warrior Upholding Maat, however, remaining on the Path of Love, Wisdom and Beauty. This represents the COMBINED Cosmic Forces of  Sekhmet and HetHeru. During THIS time of Sirius Rising, there is a Portal of HetHeru that is opening.

When Sesheta moves into Aspolia (Virgo) in a few days, it will be time to plant and nurture the Seeds of Intention in the Garden of Our Lives…


Set Pi Mahi and Asar in Pi Maere. TOTAL OPPOSITES! Mars in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius. Ego and Higher Self are at odds with each other. Which one will win this battle? Let’s see where Heru Uranus) is right now…perhaps this can give us insight on how to be Victorious: Heru is also known as the Redeemer.

Heru: PiCot Sahu/Orion: ” Revolution, evolution, intuition, transformation. liberation. New Order. It determines friends…. ”
“Self-expression, worry, dynamism, impatience, initiative, courage, aggression, impulsiveness, passion, selfishness, leadership, tendencies, self-obsession, self-preservation, confusion,and escape. Can be sensitive and/or emotional at times.”


Use your intuition with courage as you go into spiritual battle, or in the business arena. Trust your intuition in your leadership roles. Emotions make good servants, but poor masters.

I see lots of alignment here, with Uranus in Pisces, which is associated with Orion, and Heru’s obvious connection with Asar/Orion. Set/Mars is located in Gemini, just across the Milky Way from the constellation Orion.  I see the power of Transformation (Asar)  and the Power of Intuition  (Heru) joining forces to defeat the Ego, Set. Thankfully, we have the Wisdom of Aset (Sopdu, Sirius) here to guide us, rising just in time!


What do you know: Portal of Heru opens up the day after HetHeru: That is right, both Venus AND Uranus are going Retrograde later this week….tremendous opportunities for love, healing, forgiveness and growth in all relationships, and for positive changes for Humanity and all life on Earth, FOR THE GOOD OF ALL MY RELATIONS. AHO!


Djehuty is currently in Pi Mahi, (Mercury in Gemini) and on July 23, will move into Khepera (Cancer), aligning with the Sun. So much change is going on this week! And everything is coming into perfect alignment. I am grateful for this assignment, because it is good to know what is coming up next….and also, it is so helpful to have an explanation for when things get kinda crazy! For instance, if all of a sudden, there is a shift in communications with a loved one: Venus retrograde in Leo while Mercury is in Cancer. Or, perhaps, you have not spoken to a loved one in along ti,e, due to Ego issues, HERE COMES THE PERFECT OPENING TO MAKE THAT CALL. 


NebtHet (Neptune) KuUrKu (Aquarius): Continue to maintain order of Maat by sharing wisdom, eliminating ignorance and illuminating unrighteousness. This might be going on for eternity, but NOW is the time! NebtHet represents the Divine Spirit Incarnated into the Physical Realm. Neptune symbolizes the mystical side of life.  The visionary. Also associated with water, or a vessel for containing water as is designated by her headdress.

Chiron still in PICotSahu
Chiron: PiCot Sahu The Wounded Healer is healing emotions. Healing
emotionally. Healing relationship with The Self by way of courageous self

From the Siderealist.com
What Chiron teaches us is that he hardest experience of your life can also be your greatest treasure, and bring out the best in you. Chiron’s place in your chart is a place of pain, but also awareness and rebirth. It is knowledge gained through agonizing experience that can be shared with others while sparing them from going through it themselves….Poor Pisces Chirons have lost their way, can’t navigate the heavy seas of memories.

 Last but surely not least, RaPhan (Saturn) Maat (Libra)
We peacefully maintain boundaries in all relationships and situations. We are able to express ourselves and our Truth with grace and ease.  There are no limits to our infinite inner peace. MAAT IS RESTORED TO THE EARTH! OM MAAT GEB!



And so, these are just a few of the reasons why THIS Kemetic New Year Sirius Rising is so spectacular! ASTMAAT HETEPU!!!




Much Love, and Grand Luvibrations!
Tchiya Amet El Maat






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