Fall Equinox Reggae Music Experience

Sunday September 25 from 2-5 at
The Katalyst
13257 South Baltimore Chicago, IL 773-406-4899

We are very excited to be playing at this venue. This could be our new musical home…

Were you Aware of Chicagohenge? It is like Stonehenge, except that the alignment takes place in Chicago!

from timeout.com/chicago
Half-natural, half- man-made, Chicagohenge refers to the phenomenon that occurs twice a year during the spring and fall equinoxes (the official start of each respective season), when the sun rises and sets directly east and west. Because Chicago’s streets are aligned on a north-south grid system, that allows for gorgeous views of the sun hanging low between the buildings on the city’s east-west streets—especially in the Loop, where towering skyscrapers offer the perfect frame for sunrise and sunset. You can typically view Chicagohenge for a few days after the equinox, too. 

Big arterial streets in the Loop (like Madison, Kinzie, Randolph or Lake Streets) usually offer picturesque set-ups. Try not to fret if you miss this one, though—there’s always next time! 


LIVE at The Katalyst 13257 S. Baltimore Ave on Chicago’s Southside in Hegewisch
or, you can watch the concert right here on YouTube or tiktok: Livestream or the Replay

This Event Is BY DONATION.

You can donate at the door,
You can send your donation via CashApp,

you can send via

or with this link

Putting on events that coincide with the Spiral Dance, the 8 points around the Wheel of Life, brings me joy, alignment, breakthroughs. MUSIC! I love it! I have been doing Medicine Wheel Circles at these points for many years now. Excited to add a trip downtown for #Chicagohenge, for another great Equinox experience. Perhaps I will see you there! I will probably choose Lake Street, then head Straight to the Lake!

Then just a few days later, we will meet up at the KATALYST for a Night of Original Reggae.
13257 S. Baltimore and bring in the Autumnal Equinox with Music.

One Love

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