Festival of Life 2017 in Chicago: Performance at 6:30 pm

Festival of Life 2017 in Chicago: Performance at 6:30 pm

UNION PARK 1501 W. Randolph in Chicago, IL



The time for our performance has been changed .Lenni I and Tchiya Amet go on at 6:30 pm. At the Harmony Stage. Then right after our music ends, the music of Queen Ifrica begins on the Main Stage. She is followed by Capleton and the Prophecy Band. Quite a night of Reggae Music at the Festival of Life.

6:30-7pm: Lenni I and Tchiya Amet
with the Hurricane Band                       @ HARMONY STAGE

7 pm-8:15 Queen Ifrica                          @ UNITY STAGE

8:15 DJ Track Boy                                    @ UNITY STAGE

8:30 pm Capleton                                    @ UNITY STAGE


For more information, visit https://www.internationalfestivaloflife.com/performers

KemeTones and Lenni I Crafts will have a booth at the event for all four days. Visit the

Reggae Wellness Corner Store

to see some of the many wellness products that we will have on hand.


also visit



You can also receive a KemeTones Cosmic Sound Healing Session while at the Festival July 1-4

More Info:
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Lenni I Music


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