Imhotep Snow Moon

Imhotep Snow Moon

12-13-16 and beyond….

plus Portal of Djehuty Opening: 12-19-16 thru 01-08-17

Imhotep Snow Moon HeruScopes Analysis

watch video for entire report…..

Imhotep Full Moon VSKIHYI Snow Moon 12-13-16 at 4:05 pm pdt.

Rephan Ra  Juno Imhotep

We are still breaking boundaries and limitations in healing, self-mastery, awakening and illumination.
creating positive relationships, strong bonds, through healing.  “Juno is the goddess that represents marriage, fashion and beauty. She is the patron of relationships and true love. Diplomacy is part of her sphere.” from

“The Sun and Saturn also conjoin on December 10, which marks the midpoint of vision and realization in the current Earth-Saturn synodic cycle. Saturn’s current location in the constellation Ophiuchus provides opportunity to transmute life’s initiatory experiences into true personal power and wisdom. Saturn’s placement here (and a part of the realizations about this Saturn cycle) impels us to surrender long-standing establish(ed) cellular constructs, our engrained memory patterns. (Black Snake Killer)

These combined planetary configurations can produce exceptionally strong geophysical (seismic) and biological planetary resonances these couple of days (Dec 9-10) that we can harness to aid making an inner transition in our lives and subsequently in our outer experience.”

This totally resonates with my answer to the Call of Warriors of Healing at Standing Rock. I felt that I HAD to be there, even if only for two or three days. We left on the 3rd, arrived on the 7 due to snow blizzard conditions, and headed back home on the 9th. The full day of healing that I was able to provide on the 8th/9th was worth the entire journey. Obviously, The Journey IS The Destination: Destiny Nation.

This also relates to the situation at Standing Rock, with the residents being granted this window of opportunity its to heal from the recent assaults, winterize their living spaces, reorganize the structure of the Camp, and prepare for the next battle in January. Legal and otherwise.

Djehuty Apis Full Moon

communications bring grounding, stability and abundance. everything is illuminated and in motion. Visualize if you can. Djehuty arriving on the back of a cow, symbolizing the Goddess HetHeru. Visualize YOURSELF riding on the back of the Sacred Cow, symbolizing riding on the back of the Divine Mother, abundance, beauty and prosperity, while sharing teachings, thru right speaking, etc.

Set/Muruga HetHeru Hupeneius

spiritual warrior/inner battle to remain on the beauty path, seeing the beauty in all things, the gift in every adversity, climbing, striving for higher heights, and seeking greater vision, clarity and understanding. overcoming obstacles to remain balanced and on the path of love and beauty. warriors of prayer and of peace, in peace at all times, this is the true battle, the ONLY battle, is it  not? the beauty is to remain unattached from the outcome.

Djehuty Asar Pi Maere: Portal of Djehuty is open Dec 19 until Jan 8

transformation thru expansion, communication, travel all leading to greater wisdom; sharing knowledge and wisdom leads to greater understanding and awareness.
During the time the Portal is opened, these aspects are heightened. Intensified. However, this is Not something to be feared, but to be lived through and enjoyed. Time to speak out, speak truths, take action, get in motion. NOT a tome for fear. Discernment, yes, but not fear.

Pi Cheus/Amun Aspolia

planting seeds of intention which expand with travel and wisdom. The witnessing mind is focused on setting goals for future

“In the Zodiac in the Temple of Denderah, in Egypt, about 2000 BC (now in Paris),
she is likewise represented with a branch in her hand, but ignorantly explained
by a false religion to represent Isis! Her name is called Aspolia, which means
ears of corn, or the seed, which shows that though the woman is seen, it is
her Seed who is the great subject of the prophecy.” (1) “

Heru Chiron Picot Sahu

revolution in emotional healing; a new approach in your self care practice, or renewed commitment. Healing the wounds of the Spiritual Warrior within. Forgiving of Self.

Pi Cheus/Amun and Heru are in opposition

also from
“There is need to discern and surmount what is glittery illusion, as much can be hidden behind facades. In this case, what appears real is not always real. There can also be a tendency to seek detailed answers for illusions, thus magnifying illusions with more obscuring details.”
Amun is the underlying consciousness, the witnessing consciousness, and Heru is seeking solutions, seeking lasting changes, seeking victory, oftentimes, going in direction, opposite of what is seeking. Must really stay close to Divine Intuition, protecting inner peace, and not allow the ego to take you on wild goose chases. The Truth will be the most simple option. Easily overlooked by the wandering mind, which where unruled, seeks the most complex situation.

Aset/Ceres   Cetus/Pi Cot Sahu  Divine Mother may be extra emotional.
Maat/Pallas Athena Kuruku justice for humanity, may Maat be Restored on Earth.

Juno Imhotep relationships healing relationships, relationships provide healing. and learning experiences. that is the true purpose, beyond the illusion.
Vesta Khepera the home making changes in home, home life, family life

Vedic Sidereal Astrology

does not include Imhotep/Ophiuchus. However, it is still very useful as it deals with the Moon


“Feel like wandering off? The full moon of Dec 13, 2016 (4:05 PM PT) is a brilliant super moon that will light the path to inner freedom. This full moon stirs up the animal spirits of the heart and awakens the restless search for true fulfillment.

Appearing up to 30% brighter, this full moon is the third in a series of perigee super moons that have come extremely close to Earth. If you have recently been feeling an itch to travel or if your mind has been roaming away from its work, you may be sensing the pull of this super moon’s tide.

In Vedic Astrology, the full moon will illuminate the area of the sky known as Mrigashirsha, (Mriga = deer, shirsha = head).  It is found in the constellation of Orion the hunter and has long been revered as the restless “searching star.” Take a moment to consider what it is you search for, and what gives you a sense of fulfillment.”

Orion and Apis/Taurus are right next to one another. Orion is part of the Sacred Hoop of the Lakota, however, it is not considered to be a member of the Zodiac constellations. I do not know if the Sun passes thru Orion, I will start to look more closely. I also intend to start including a Lakota aspect to my readings…..

Orion is Asar, and so, at HeruScopes, we interpret this to mean transformation, death of the illusion, the birth of your true reality, and beginning the quest towards what you are truly meant to be. The Moon deals with the personality, ones character. Being your true authentic self.


healing power of relationships will be explored.
especially the relationship with oneself. as illusions fall away, the authentic self emerges stronger than ever. prepared for all battles, obstacles and adversity.

Even Travels bring healing during this snow moon season.

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