Joy of Pauti

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Welcome to Ancient African Adorations for April 2: the Joy of the Pauti of Anunian Gods & Goddesses

Opening Prayer
4 Great Truths
Know Neberdjer
Dua Ra Cheft
Dua Asar

The Pauti

According to the creation story of the Heliopolitan priests, the world originally consisted of the primordial waters of precreation personified as Nun.[1] From it arose a mound on the First Occasion.[1] Upon the mound sat the self-begotten god Atum, who was equated with the sun god Ra. Atum evolved from Nun through self-creation. Atum either spat or masturbated, producing air personified as Shu and moisture personified as Tefnut. The siblings Shu and Tefnut mated to produce the earth personified as Geb and the nighttime sky personified as Nut.

Geb and Nut were the parents of Osiris and Isis and of Set and Nephthys, who became respective couples in turn. Osiris and Isis represent fertility and order, while Set and Nephthys represent chaos to balance out Osiris and Isis. Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, is often included in this creation tradition. Due to the duality of Ancient Egyptian myths, this is only one of many creation stories. The Egyptians believed no specific myth was more correct than the other, rather that some combination of these myths was correct. This creation story, the Heliopolitan tradition, is one of physiological creation. The other major creation traditions are the Memphite Tradition and Hermopolitian/Ogdoad.
The Ancient Egyptians had many gods, but some were closely connected to each other in groupings known as “Pesedjets” and associated with defined locations. The Pyramid Texts (Old Kingdom) refer to a number of groups of gods, of which the Great Pesdjet is now known to us as “The Ennead”. The Ennead (derived from the Greek word for nine) are the nine ancient Egyptian Gods and Godesses associated with the creation myths of Heliopolis (Iunu) in Lower Egypt.

Procession of the Pauti hekau
Dua Ra, Dua Tefnut, Dua Shu, Dua Nut, Dua Geb, Dua Asar, Dua Aset,Dua NebtHet, Dua Set, Dua Heru

Many references to the p[ower of 9, 3-6-9. However, the Medu Neter word is Pauti..let’s chack in with Sebai Maa…

PMH by Sebai Maa Ashby
pg 61 definition
pg 62
pg 69: Creation Myth of Asarian Resurrection
pg 80

Tree of Life
pg 97: What is the Purpose of the Neteru?
pg 98: represents the number 10, not 9!!! The Tree of Life…
pg 108: Lesson 4, The Psycho Spiritual Journey through Creation
pg 109: Image of the Paauti and description of each Pauti
pg 118: The Movement of Dissolution , the Spiritual Journey to Enlightenment based on the Pauti
pg 124: Numerology of 1, 9 and 10

pg 125: The Scripture from the Book of Knowing the forms of Ra
Shat nty rech kheperu nu Ra
per n a m oabu
djd-ft nebt khepr nebt am sen
mesu in Shu di-f Tfnut hna Nut
mesu in Geb Nut Asar
Her Khent an man Set Aset NebtHet
m chat ua m sa ua
im sen mesu senu
ashatu sen m ta pa

pg 201: Purpose of life… the answer is that…2nd paragraph

Net, Nut Bastet, Tefnut Rennenet
Dua Nut, Dua Geb, Dua Shu
Om Asar Aset Heru
S UaShu S Nafu N Saiu Set
Order in My…

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