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Now that you have taken the time to learn more about KemeTones, the time has come to decide what package is best for you! Of course, you can still choose to receive a Cosmic Sound Healing instead. Review these options here!


KemeTones draws on the Culture of Kemet (Ancient African Egyptian) Culture, Myths, Spirituality, and Archetypes for Healing Practices and Purposes.

Here are the Current Offering Descriptions. Read further below to learn about the packages.


Nuk Pu Neteru: Connecting with the Cosmic Forces of the Divine. Focus is on developing the attributes and characteristics of the Cosmic Force that is represented by each Neteru, Ancestor, Orisha, etc. For example: HetHeru, the Beauty Path, knowing when to be the Warrior, and when it is time for nurturing. Set: ability to subdue the Ego. Aset, the cosmic force of Intuitional Wisdom and Divine Insight. Will also learn a few practices to apply on your own, such as chants or guided meditation.

MAAT: Purification of the Heart

maat winged
Based on teachings of Pert M Heru, and the writings of Dr. Muata Ashby, WISDOM OF MAATI pg 82-83
Unconscious impressions are formed as a result of one’s actions while still alive. These can be either positive or negative.  Understanding the Wisdom Teachings and applying this to your life can make it possible for you to “eradicate negative impressions and to develop positive ones. ” “When you study the teachings and live according to them, your mind undergoes a transformation at all levels. This transformation is the ‘Purification of the Heart’ so often spoken about throughout the Egyptian Book of Coming Forth by Day. It signifies an eradication of negative impressions, which renders the mind pure.” “When the mind is rendered subtle, then spiritual realization is possible. This discipline of purifying the heart by living in accordance with the teachings is known as the Yoga of Action, or MAAT.”

Maat Feather


THIS TREATMENT IS DESIGNED TO SUPPORT, ENHANCE, OR EVEN BOOST YOUR SPIRITUAL PRACTICE, NOT A SHEDY REPLACEMENT. “MAAT is the orderly Flow of energy which maintains the universe”. This includes planetary, solar, and molecular systems, wind blowing or grass growing. And most importantly, this includes YOU. KemeTones can assist in removing blocks, replacing negative thoughts/habits/patterns, and restoring the flow of energy, by re-establishing Balance and Harmony. Attune your own sense of order with Cosmic Order. With Maat. KemeTones is all about removing blocks and opening the flow.

For more info, visit The Hall of Maat


PTSS KMTones small

PTSS (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome): Clearing and Healing Trauma from Ancestors up til now;  Intergenerational and Ancestral Healing. Crucial as the incidents of racism and police brutality continue to plague the African Diaspora and all Indigenous Peoples. Even the descendants of slave owners and slave traders have been affected by this ill-ness (as opposed to consciousness). We cannot fight these dis-eases while still living with trauma. Even if the event occurred GENERATIONS ago, the energy is still present until dealt with, eliminated and removed. Many of us are still dealing with the ravaging after/ongoing effects of Slavery, the Middle Passage and Trail of Tears.

Heal PTSS with Sound small

for more info, visit



Blue Lotus Speaks: Clearing and Healing Womb Trauma from Rape, Violence and Abuse. Unless dealt with energetically and spiritually, the trauma can continue to reside in the body, energy field and subconscious. KemeTones is one way to effectively bring about the healing that is necessary for the patient to move forward. We also offer URANUS Clearings for Male rape survivors or sodomy survivors. Even if the event occurred decades ago, the energy is still present until dealt with., eliminated and removed. From my own experience, I know that it is MOST BENEFICIAL to take actions that were inconceivable at the time, such as speaking out or filing a police report. Blue Lotus Speaks is also prepared to offer support in this area. Includes masculine/feminine energy balancing

Here is my healing journey back from rape

Blue Lotus Speaks


merkaba girl


Also available:

Aritu (Chakra Clearing) Alignment: includes masculine/feminine energy balancing

Ancestral Clearing

Sacred Space Clearing Service





KemeTones Devotional Concert: A hour of song, chants, teachings, prayers, and guided meditation.

To hear some of this music, visit Blue Lotus Speaks Vol. 1: THE OPENING.




KemeTones Healing Packages

The Awakening Series: NEHAST
Trinity: will receive renewed determination, awareness of purpose, first eye opened and heart chakra regenerated; Three Treasures. THREE SESSIONS valued at $390, available for $300

Awakening: True of Speech, MaakHeru; speak desired goal into existence. Activate Courage and confidence.
FIVE SESSIONS valued at $650, available for $500

Ascension: Transformation; reconnect with the Divine Self. guided support as you TAKE YOUR STEPS TOWARDS YOUR OWN ASCENSION. Aritu Ascension: each week a different chakra! SEVEN SESSIONS. valued at $910, available for $700

emphasis in this series is on gradual and increasing levels of chakra work. gradual alignment of your life and Sekhem, life force energy, to the Divine. Brings about transformation of life towards self realization and emancipation.

Can also choose one of the KemeTones Offerings as the destination of your healing journey:
Nuk Pu Neteru, Maat Heart Purification, Womb Wellness and Clearing, Uranus Clearing, Aritu Alignment, Ancestral Clearing, and Sacred Space Clearing. Read previous section for descriptions.


ULTIMATE Combination Packages

  • KemeTones FAST TRACK to Wellness
    ONE HeruScope Cosmic Navigation value at $185 (includes chart, reading, and consultation)
    KemeTones Trinity: 3 Sound Healing Sessions value at $390
    Individualized chants, guided meditations, yoga postures, and other healthy recommendations
    One Group Call

valued at $700, available for $500

    ONE HeruScopes Cosmic Navigation PER WEEK value at $1665 (includes chart, reading and consultation)
    ONE KemeTones Healing Session PER WEEK, 9 total, valued at $1170
    Individualized chants, guided meditations, yoga postures, and other healthy recommendations

valued at $2985, available for $2350 total for 9 weeks

    ONE HeruScopes Cosmic Navigation (chart, reading, and consultation) per month
    ONE KemeTones Sound Healing Session per month
    Individualized chants, guided meditations, yoga postures, and other healthy recommendations
    2 Group Calls per month: New and Full
    KemeTones Rekh Ab Study Group Discussion Page access

Choose 3, 5 or 9 Moons. 9 Moons are recommended because we spend 9 months in the womb.
valued at $700 per month, available at $500 per month

Visit for more information on the 13 Month Kemetic Sidereal Astrology System


Trinity Package, plus Hiking, Kemetic Yoga, Vegan Meals, Fresh Juicing, Crafts, and more!
includes lodging and meals.

prepayment plans, as well as payment plans, are available. contact Tchiya for more information

Live FREE of Energy Blocks and Pain. Live in Harmony and In Tune with the Natural Order of Nature. Be the HERU in your OWN Myth!

These prices are available for a limited time only. Time may be an illusion, but that is no reason to waste it. SIGN UP TODAY!

Here is the Cosmic Sound Healing Package List: these rates also apply to single KemeTones sessions.

Packages banner





“Light itself is the carrier of LIFE” Tariq Sawadi, M.H.

“The sky and its stars make music in you.” Kemetic Proveb

musica speculativa: “music as a mirror of creation.” 1700 Century Europe

“Song is the intelligence of the universe”  Yaqui Nation northern Mexico/southern Arizona

“If you use sound consciously and with regularity, you can continually recreate your state of being.” Ani Williams

“The body is held together by sound—the presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune.”
— Dr. Deepak Chopra

“We are the stars which sing—we sing with your light.”
— Algonquian traditional song

“The liquid crystal structure in body tissue responds to frequency.”
— Gregg Braden

“Voice is the key to find locked emotion in the body; to release, we must use the same note that locked it, the point of emotional trauma.”
— Fabion Maman

“Emotions can be detected, created, or changed using sound.”
— Sherry Edwards

“If our body becomes diseased, the various aspects of our being have become separated and hence we must bring everything together in healing.” Tariq Sawadi, M.H.


We have been through so much as a people, as a nation, as a tribe. As a family. Some of us were brought to this country against our will. Some of us have been forced to leave our homelands and to live in a faraway place. We were given the choice to assimilate or be killed.  Forced to worship the gods of our oppressors. Forced to adopt the lifestyle of captors. Single mothers have been forced to be both mother and father, and have lost touch with their Divine Feminine.

We have lost our ancestral ways. We have lost our connection to the Cosmos. We have lost our connection to our inner selves. and inner knowing. We have lost our connection to the Divine.

As trauma survivors, we have learned how to get by without expressing our Truth, without making time or space for true healing to begin.

The time has come for us to arise and awaken to the Divine that is within us. We must eliminate the ignorance of Self, which now runs rampant through our communities. We must regain our own healing powers & rebuild our own healing systems. It is time to build a new health care system and educational system that is holistic,  natural, organic, ancient, and contemporary. One that can address our unique needs as a people. We must learn to love ourselves and to value our lives if we expect others to….

With KemeTones: Cosmic Sound Healing, we can awaken to the cosmic forces that live within all of us, and all around us.
We can re-connect with ancestral and cosmic forces, with ancestral  ways. With KemeTones, we can feel and access confidence, and move forward in our lives, towards freedom and true liberation. Towards ENLIGHTENMENT. We can heal from our past, shine brightly in our present, and illuminate the path towards the future, for future generations. Our lives will move forward in unexpected ways, we can move from being victims of slavery and oppression towards being living masters of our own lives and destiny.

I invite you to take this journey with me. The next battlefield is for our state of good health & longevity. Rather than treating individual symptoms such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, self-hatred, hypertension, stress, arthritis, etc. let’s see them for what they really are: symptoms of slavery & colonialism that have manifested into physical ailments, conditions, and often deadly, diseases.  With Cosmic Sound Healing, we can eliminate blockages that remain from ancestral lineages,  or from past life experiences. We can heal from intergenerational traits and issues. We can reformat or reprogram DNA codes (our cosmic blueprint). We can treat these symptoms in a new way that features ETHNO-CONSCIOUS MEDICINE, from a holistic perspective that addresses the emotional and mental trauma that is trapped in the DNA. This in turn causes the genes to express themselves through the symptoms listed above and more.

First Step: WATCH the Free Video Series about Cosmic Sound Healing
Second Step: SCHEDULE COSMIC NAVIGATION, a free consultation session, where we can chart a course for your KemeTones: Cosmic Sound Healing Experience.
Third Step: ATTEND a certification class, workshop, online webinar or initiate a healing package:
visit KemeTones webpage for more info
Fourth Step: EXPERIENCE Natural Healthy BLISS! Inner Peace and Joy….
Step Five: MAINTENANCE. Purchase your Professional Tool Kit or a Self Care Kit. Join us for the free weekly webinar series.

KemeTones: SELF CARE with The Blue Lotus Speaks



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