Light Being Wellness Music Night at the Haji


JANUARY 22. 2019

Be sure to mark your calendar for FEBRUARY 23, 2019 for a night of Live SPIRITUAL Music. A Night of LIVE Music that is Created to Raise Awareness, Raise Vibrations, Promote Wellness, and Lead Us All to Enlightenment. Original Organic Music.



The Evening begins with Ancient African Adorations, Devotional World Music from Kemet. Based on Scriptures and Teachings from the Pert M Heru (Book of Coming Forth By Day also known as Egyptian Book of the Dead) and the Temple of Aset. Arit uses mostly tradtitional or hand held instruments, along with chanting and singing. A few songs will be performed with her Band.

Set 2 will feature Cosmic Jazz Improv with SuRa and the Side Pocket Experience.

Celebrated artist and master drummer Sura Dupart leads an eclectic free ensemble focusing on healing and deepening our relationship with the Creator.

Sura (pronounced Soo-Rah) Dupart is one of Chicago’s most accomplished sculptors and has been performing musica for over 50 years. Dupart joined the AACM in mid 1960s and deepened his practice with Atu Harold Murray’s Sun Drummer. Since then, Dupart has studied drumming practices and traditions from Africa, the Diaspora, and the south side of Chicago. He currently performs with his SidePocket Experience as well as the Participatory Music Coalition. Joining him are the legendary Soji Adebayo on keys; the unstoppable Santez on t. sax and saxello; trumpeter Curtis Black; Dr. Adam Zanolini on double bass, flute, and s. sax; Tchiya Amet vocalist; and dancer Althea Teamer.

“Before Music was used for entertainment it was used as a primary source of healing and a sublime connection to the divine. My strongest desire is to continue to perfect my art as well as my music and to become more of a spiritual link to god.” – Sura Dupart

Sura Dupart – Drums

Soji Adebayo – Keyboard

Curtis Black – Trumpet

Arit aka Tchiya Amet – Voice

Althea Teamer – Dance

Santez – Saxophone

Dr. Adam Zanolini – bass, sax flute


Set 3 will feature the Original Reggae Fiusion Jazz of Tchiya Amet: Roots Reggae, Cosmic, Celestial, Native, Jazzy, Soulful, Spiritual, Global, Multicultural, Sirius, Galactic. Edutainment. All of the Above.

Tchiya Amet has been a Reggae and World Music Performing Artist for over 30 years. During this time, her musical expressions have reflected her Spiritual Journey: first gaining knowledge of both her Native Ancestral Roots and knowledge of the Self, documented with the release of Rise Again Truth. With her second release, Black Turtle Island, she shared her experience as a  Black Indigenous Woman of Turtle Island, ie, the Americas. With Celestial Folk Music, Tchiya was able to combine her love of the Star Nation Culture of Sirius with rhythms, and teachings of the Four Directions. She lovingly calls this collection her Cultural Astronomy PhD Dissertation! Recorded in Rio de Janeiro, with this album, Tchiya became known as a World Music Artist, reaching beyond the limitations of the Reggae scene. Her 2015 release Blue Lotus Speaks vol 1 Anpu The Opening, Tchiya introduces the spiritual world of Ancient Egyptian Yoga of Devotion to her fans. In the genre of Devotional World Music, her Ancient African Adorations are known to bring about Healing, Increase one’s Connection to Higher Self, cAlignment with Cosmic Forces, ie the Neteru, Ancestral Forces, as well as Powerful Transformations,  leading all to Enlightenment. For more information, visit

The Haji Healing Salon is a wonderful space for healing and bringing forth enlightenment, and just may be the perfect home for this vibration of Sweet Sounds coming forth from Light Being Wellness and Milky Way Records and Productions. 746 E. 79th Street just west of Cottage Grove on 79th, on Chicago’s infamous South Side.  Check out their awesome calendar of events. We love the Black Power Yoga Class on Saturday Risings, and can be seen there every 4th Saturday. KemeTones Mobile Clinic is there every Third Sunday performing Cosmic Sound Healing Sessions from 12-4 pm….

Tickets are available online at
the cost is $13 in advance. $15 at the Door…..

PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO CASH ON PREMISES. There is limited seating, so get your ticket in advance. Lite Vegan Snacks will be served by the lovely and talented Via Rosa:  again, no cash on site: CARD SALES ONLY!

Tchiya Amet aka Arit moved back to Chicago almost one year ago. This will her first Musical event in Chicago since making that move. At the Summer Solstice, Tchiya Amet Band traveled to Standing Rock for a Summer Solstice festival. In August, she began playing with SuRa and the Side Pocket Experience.  Tchiya has performed her Reggae Music in Chicago a few times in the past, and this will be the first time presenting Ancient African Adorations in her Hometown. COME JOIN US!

Brought to you by Milky Way Records & Productions and the Light Being Wellness Center.



Tchiya Amet aka
Arit Neter S Mery Maati

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