Limited Tickets Tchiya Amet’s Live At The DoJo In Chicago; June 25

Limited Tickets To See Tchiya Amet, Live @ at the DoJo, Chicago, IL. June 25, 2017 

Press Release: June, 7, 2017

Tchiya will be performing her traditional “Reggae Jazz Fusion” show, but will also be performing a second show: a rare performance of her “Egyptian Fusion Reggae” music at DoJo. The shows will also feature Jamaica’s own Lenni I and Chicago’s own Dub Dis Reggae Bands and limited tickets are still available for both shows.



On July 1st, 2017 Tchiya Amet will be performing live along side Capleton & The Prophecy Band, Queen Ifrica, Lenni I, Chicago’s own Dub Dis, at the International Festival Of Life, in Chicago, IL.


Tchiya will be performing songs from her latest release, The Best, which you can find in the Timeless Classics collection Vol. XI by HousTone Records,  that focuses on re-introducing an artist’s earlier music to today´s music lovers. This CD was inspired by the ever-growing enthusiasm for all types of Reggae, World and Jazz Music performed by Women from around the world.

“It’s a new approach to locating music you may enjoy and are not aware of, or simply forgot about,” – said HousTone Records A & R Manager, Joc Vann. “Music lovers have a variety of technology options on how they can find and enjoy music today, this CD allows audiences to explore those options, to connect or reconnect with artists and music they may choose to add to their playlists, just by searching for artists and songs from the Timeless Classics collection.”

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