Musical Initiatic Journey to Kemet

Udja. Uben Nefer.

On this page, you will find links to my Travel Journal. Hotep

My first visit in this lifetime was in 2011, with Yirser Ra Hotep.
In 2010, I was initiated into the Temple of Shetaut Neter, Temple of Aset.
In 2017, I traveled with the Temple. In October 2018, I went on my first Musical Initiatic Journey Adventure with guide Abdelaziz Morshed aka Adam. Then again in late February 2020. Yes, I was there when Corona hit.

The objective of these Musical Journeys is to visit the sites that feature musicians in the inscriptions. Write new music, record videos, reflections. Ultimately, give a Concert on the Nile. To get closer to the Divine Music of Kemet. To allow the Sounds of Neberdjer to flow through me, and to be expressed purely, free of ignorance or egoism.

The places visited:
Not always in the same order

A Day In Cairo 2018
El Minya
Festival at Abu Simbel October 2018

Back from Kemet 2018

The Etihad Flight and the Airport at Abu Dhabi 2018

Bellydance Fashions from Aswan and Beyond….

Looking forward to next adventure…. maybe you will join me….Hotep

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