NeferTem and Herumakhet

Cosmic Adorations:
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Dekan Henetw Gerw
Neteru: Nefertoum & Herumakhi
From the Kemetic Sirius Sidereal Calendar from also available as an app.


This series is newly erenamed Cosmic Adorations because we are now following Sirius and the Sacred Hoop instead of outdated historical calendars. On this page you will find my notes, translations, prayer manual, links, resources, etc. And of course, new lyrics to new songs

Wisdom Teachings and resources…

Nefertem art in a French collection owned by Jesuits… not much to see here…LOL!


Nefertem literally means Beautiful Ending, even though Nefertem represents the New Born Sun!
“You cannot change the past, however you CAN change the Outcome!” AstMaataJi


So far, most of the info I found online is about the (stolen) art, the perfume, the lotus etc. To Dive Deep, we turn of course to the works by Sebai Maa, Dr. Muata Ashby. I am more interested in how to connect with the Neteru, how to become one with them. How to master these cosmic forces of nature. How to manifest an enlightened lifestyle, etc. How to attain Nehast in this lifetime.

Herumakhet: Heru of the 2 Horizons, the Sphinx. In the Memphite tradition, Heru is Nefertem….From India, who else was born from a Lotus Flower? Muruga!

Opening The Ways
Om Neberdjer Khepra Asar Om
Dua Ra Cheft
Dua Asar
O Anpu
4 Great Truths
Om Nefertem
Om Hetep Titti
Nuk Nefertem Reflection
Dua KhepeRaTem
Herumakhet Reflection
Pautti Neteru



Tree of Life by Sebai Maa
Pg 139
First of all we want to discuss what the name Heru itself means. There is a word in the Kemetic hieroglyphic texts, her , which is a person’s face. It means person…it means personality. The name Heru is based on this root, her or hra. Also Heru means “face of God,”…this is another definition that is given in the text. Heru means that which is above…and all these terms give you an indication of the meaning of Heru. In a general sense, it means the personality that exists and that is all of you who are listening to this or who will read this in the future. Also the scripture explains that one aspect of Heru, Heru Pa Khard (Heru the child) is the Nefertem. Pa Khard also means Ra when he is young, the solar child, so the descriptions of the names themselves are giving us insight into the connections of the Tree, because if Heru is allowed to grow up, who does he become?…Ra of course. In Anunian Theurgy Heru manifests as Heru; in Memphite Theurgy he manifests as Nefertem and in Theban Theurgy he manifests as Khonsu.66

Figure 30: Heru as Nefertem

Heru must grow up. In order for Heru to grow up, he must be nurtured and taught by his
mother who is Aset. The first important aspect of Heru that we want to talk about is Heru Kenti n
Maa. Heru the “foremost seer who is blind.” And this is also explained as the new moon. Heru has
two eyes. The right eye is the sun and the left eye is the moon. The right eye signifies fire and power
of the life force that manifests through the sun. The left eye being the moon is associated with mind,
with the god Djehuti as well as the god Asar. The moon also signifies coolness. When the moon
shines full it signifies the fullness of the reflection of the sun but when it is waning or completely
dark it signifies the loss of that reflection and hence represents growing ignorance and or weakness instead of enlightenment and power. In Memphite Theurgy, in the form of Nefertem {Nefertum} Heru is a solar child, the new born sun, which emerges on the horizon as if from out of the ocean. He points to his mouth, signifying his command over words of power to bring Creation into existence.

Tree of Life, Ashby pg 140

There is the form of Heru called Heru Smai Tawi , Heru the uniter of the two lands. He is also known as Nefertem. He springs forth from the lotus each year bringing forth creation, and bringing forth enlightenment, unity of the Higher and lower Self, transcending duality. There is a form of Heru called “ Heru Nub,” the Heru of Gold. Nub means gold, as in Nubia, the land of Gold. Gold is the color of the sun. It is the color of perfection, the color of spiritual enlightenment.

Tree of Life pg 142

Paragraph on page 174…True of Speech, manifesting with feelings or emotions…

Harpocrates, the young Horus, son of Horus the Elder and Isis,
sitting on a lotos. Part of a shrine. Ptolemaic, 4th-3rd BCE
From the shrine of a god, wood with inlaid glass. Inv. 98
HUh? This is def Nefertem…

PMH pg 183 vs 28
Notes: 180 & 181

pg 260 Chapter 24
Making the Transformation into a Lotus
These words are said by Asar ___________
1. I am the Lotus pure, coming forth out into day.
2. I am the guardian of the nostril of Ra and keeper of the nose of Hetheru
3. I make, I come and I seek after he, that is Heru
4. I am pure going out from the filed.

Herumakhet, the Sphinx; Horemakhet, Heru of the 2 Horizons

According to Runoko Rashidi, the nose of the Sphinx was blown off before Napoleon…

How was the Sphinx was uncovered, the “first” time…
Dream Stelae of Tuthmosis IV

So, how long had it already been there is the real question?

Sphinx facts from the Smithsonian…


There is much disagreement regarding the age of the Sphinx. Due to water “damage”, the sand, the Galactic Calendar and the Precession of the Equinox, I believe that it is safe for me to say that this monument is AT LEAST 26,000 years old. I do not have a bunch of resources or references for you, this is just based on my own research. How can the face be modeld after someone form 4th Dynasty? I respectfully direct you to for facts, dates, references, etc or any books written by Dr. Muata Ashby or Dr. Karen Ashby. I am merely a Temple Musician….

Before I began my studies with Kemet University, I learned that the Sphinx represented the 4 Elements, 4 Aspects of being, etc: Lion Leo Fire; Bull, Taurus, Earth; Man, Mind, Air, Aquarius. I forgot what the Water element is… so long ago…

I like to start by looking at what is on the web, then go for Shetaut Neter teachings… a traveller. I have been 4 times, and yet, my photos are so disorganized, it would take me years to lov=cate my photos. One of these days….

Herumakhet vs the Sphinx, the Greek version has wings…

From wikipedia:
In Greek tradition, the sphinx is a treacherous and merciless being with the head of a woman, the haunches of a lion, and the wings of a bird. According to Greek myth, she challenges those who encounter her to answer a riddle, and kills and eats them when they fail to do so.[1] This deadly version of a sphinx appears in the myth and drama of Oedipus.[2]

In Egyptian mythology, in contrast, the sphinx is typically depicted as a man (an androsphinx (Ancient Greek: ανδρόσφιγξ)), and seen as benevolent, though with strength as ferocious as that of the Greek version. Both the Greek and Egyptian sphinxes were thought of as guardians, and statues of them often flank the entrances to temples.[3]
This author makes some excellent points regarding the Black Origin of Humanity, how many people are attracted to Kemetic and African Culture, yet are unable to accept the Black Origin of Humanity. Herumakhet is also discussed in detail.

Another author states that the Greek version used the face of a woman instead of a man…
Herumakhet represents the power to conquer lower forces of our nature.

Symbolically, the body of the beast represents the animal nature which exists
in man, and the lion exemplifies the royalty and power of the divine spirit
that exists in its lower physical form. The head of a man symbolizes the
intelligence of the mind which must be cultivated in order to elevate the
consciousness into a higher spiritual state so that it may become divine.

It is the suppression of the lower animal nature and the refinement of the
thought process that leads to the spiritual evolution of man. Spiritually
speaking, it is only by conquering the “beast” within that one is capable of
truly knowing God. Knowledge comes from enlightenment-light (good/God), which
vanquishes the darkness-ignorance (evil/devil).

Her-em-akhet exemplifies the eternal conquest of good over evil because he
faces the eastern horizon and is physically enlightened by the sun as it rises
each morning. Some believe it is a solar symbol.

From the Seven Worlds even quotes Sebai Maa…

This website is “interesting” NOT. Kemetic ORTHODOXY?
This is exciting as electronic component manufacturers, capacitors, electronics, electrical and environmental sensors…????

“With over 100 years of technological innovation, we help make a wide variety of products possible in the world’s most rapidly expanding industries. Our components are found in spacecrafts and defibrillators – from outer space to inside our bodies, and in products we use every day. We have the broadest selection of capacitor technologies in the industry, including an expanding range of electromechanical devices and electromagnetic compatibility solutions.”!

Shetaut Neter…..

From Egyptian Yoga Vol. 1 pg 123
“..Heru is the Soul which vivifies all life and existence. The ancient Sphinx is called “Heru in the Horizon” Ptah and Ra are forms of Heru, as stated in the scriptures where Heru is referred to as “Great Heru”. …”

Egyptian Book oif the Dead vol 1 pg 14
“The calendar based on the Great Year…..” (This is what I refer to as the Galactic Calendar…)

Tree of Life pg 262 Herumakhet
, Hymn to Aten pg 262 Sphinx
pg 263 Lion Power headdress; conquering Leonine Nature,

Pert M Heru
pg 75
some proverbs pg 42


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