New Moon April 2017

New Moon April 2017
from HeruScopes


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Udja Uber Nefer! WOW! Looks like a Planetary Traffic Jam, a Neterian Conglomeration. And lots of wide open space, which means imbalance…..

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Letz begin. First of all, the New Moon is in Aries, with the Sun. Dua Sesheta Tamet Ammon or Amun. Tamet Ammon is the powerful leader, steadfast in strength and faith and power. When the New Moon is in this sign, it means that it is time to boost ones character and personality with extra doses of Self confidence. There is untapped power reserved for you, but you must learn to access the power within, rather than depending on others to draw it out of you, or waiting for adversity to force it out. Learn how to remain seated in your own power, your own source. Sesheta is the Goddess of writing, the female scribe, and consort and partner to Djenuty. Writing is a very good start, or like for me songwriting. The leads us to RA, the Sun also in this sign. Utilize your Creativity to tap into this power, this inner strength that is waiting to support you on the road to steadfastness. You can use your creative forces to express your dynamic WILL, and manifest your intentions and true desires. If you have stopped writing in your journal, or have never had a journal, this is the perfect time to start, or to start anew.

“Being born in Sidereal Aries (Tamet Ammon) you are an essentially positive restless and
idealistic character. Always ready to move on to the next thing you display a degree of
energy and drive that fills your life with considerable excitement. Your super abundant
energy is the envy of your friends and enemies alike.”

And now, for the Conjunction of the Day:
Dua Djehuty, Dua Heru, Dua HetHeru and Dua Chiron all in Picot Sahu. Or, Mercury, Venus, Uranus and Chiron all in Sidereal Pisces. By the way, Mercury is still Retrograde, that Portal of Djehuty remains open until May 9. If you are very emotional, don’t worry, you’re in alignment! If you cannot find the words to say how you feel, or, the other extreme, you bloody well have no problem finding the right words (!!!), you are also in alignment. If you cannot find the words, you are experiencing a block in this flow of energy. This alignment has everything you need to find healing and self love, which will enable and empower you to find the BEST way to express yourself. Getting anger and using emotions to express self, yet hurting others is not the way of an enlightened being. These are the kinds of HUGE shifts and changes we are all experiencing. Maybe it worked for the past 25 years, but no longer. We must all ascend and go up the spiral. With the Portal Open, now is the time to examine your old ways and patterns of communication, and make sure that in all of your expressions, there are elements of self love, healing for self and others in your communications. This does not mean to remain quiet if you are afraid of causing conflict. This means finding the courage to express even difficult things, with love for self and others at all times. ESPECIALLY in the middle of adversity or confrontation. Just try it as an experiment. Do  not continue to do what you have always done. Remember Heru and Uranus, cosmic forces of the Rebel, the Redeemer, and ever Victorious. Conscious Communications.

Dua NebtHet KuUrKu Neptune in Sidereal Aquarius. This configuration has been with us for along time: from 2012, thru 2026, so we still have time to get this right. This brings us “some deep awareness of Oneness; a desire for emotional attunement to higher dimensions; and a dissolution of certain boundaries. They can urge us to escape reality in either a constructive or destructive way, depending on our individualized and collective state of evolution.” from

STAY WOKE MY PEOPLE. This is no time or place to rest your weary head. Keep your Eyes on the Prize: ENLIGHTENMENT! NebtHet is about maintaining Maat Order in your home, space, life, mind day, etc. KuUrKu is about Universal Family, love and harmony, sharing the light and the teachings.

Dua Asar Dua Rephan in Pi Maere: Pluto and Saturn remain in Sidereal Sagittarius. Regeneration, rejuvenation, resurrection thru travel, breaking beyond preconceived notions or concepts. Breaking free of any and all limitations. While at same time, maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships. Traveling for me is always a journey in knowing more about myself. I highly recommend taking little trip, even if it is just to get outside of the City for a day, even a few hours. The journey IS the destination. Just being in a different environment can give you a brand new outlook on life. What felt once like prison, you will see as just a container for all of the freedom you have! We need a lil bit of structure to appreciate Life. Otherwise, the Joy would just run together, and we might not appreciate it! LOL! Siriusly, take a lil trip, and when you get back home, you will forget about the yucky feelings you might have been having (remember how challenging that Venus Retrograde Full Moon was? You may still be traumatized! This might not always be comfortable. Because in order to move forward, you must be willing to let go or leave something behind. LOL!

Dua PiCheus M Aspolia. Jupiter is Sidereal Virgo. Expansion and growth will continue as long as we keep planting and nurturing our seeds of good intention for a bright future. Aspolia is about the Divine Mother, nurturing our visions and dreams. Aspolia represents the Seed in the Garden of Life. We nurture our goals by always studying and learning more about ourselves and our desires. Picheus represents positive influence, witnessing consciousness, and this is just what we need now: GOVERNANCE OF EMOTIONS. It’s one thing to say, “I want to create a wellness center and an eco village”. The next step is to learn as much as possible about eco villages and alternative building methods. Keeping your mind focused on your dreams is an excellent way to manifest. Studying always takes you to a higher vibration, and knowledge is crucial to manifestation. Even if you don’t know HOW it will happen, when it does happen, you will be very informed! Just keep tending the Garden of your life, taking care to pull out this nasty weeds of negativity. I am not talking about weeds that are really medicinal herbs, I am talking about this sharp pointy prickly plants that can cut your skin or puncture your tires. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, DOUBTS, AND FETTERS OF SET.

Dua SET M APIS. Mars in Sidereal Taurus. First reaction was , uh oh, and ouch. Headsrong and Stubborn. LOL!! Hey, but at HeruScopes, there is a gift in every adversity, positive and negative in all things at al  times. Mars in Taurus can mean that our focus, drive and ambition is directed towards our abundance, helping the environment, as in Earth Day, or even personal relationships, as Taurus is ruled by Venus. Lets focus on the positive and let the negative take care of itself. Maybe the positive will take care it. Negative? Lets see, possible having a temper tantrum or melt down with the trash collector or landscaper? Do not even go there, remember, Mercury Retrograde! While the Portal of Djehuty is open, let us be the Enlightened Set, leading the Barque of Ra thru the Journey of the Day. Not allowing our Ego to lead us. No need to work like a slave for your job boss or money. These are not the source of your supply or your abundance, that comes from within you. Visualize yourself as the Goddess Lakshmi, riding on the Celestial Cow, riding our inheritance which is our Abundance, see the abundance all around you and feel the vibrations and the connection. i f you are having financial challenges, change your perspective and the solution will be made clear.



Enjoy your Journey to Strength and Empowerment. Hotep!

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