November Super Full Moon 2016

screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-7-33-21-pmNovember Super Full Moon 2016


Good Rising.

The Tone for this SUPER FULL MOON is MAAT ACTION. Creating Balance, MAAT and Building Strong Character through MAAT ANU: RIGHT ACTION.


The planet is in a period of turmoil and upheaval. Seems Chaotic. However, when you reach a certain level of development, you begin to notice that much of the turmoil is staged, planned or perpetuated. AND, that it is not only an illusion, but a symptom and sign of the time. Brief discourse about this in an article called:

Trump is a Pimple, a Trump Pimple.

So back to the Full Moon. As illustrated in the Star Chart, Ra Maat and Djehuty Tammet Amon. Or, Sun is in Sidereal Maat and FULL MOON is in Sidereal Aries. Not just any Full Moon, but  SUPER FULL MOON,

Most Super Moon from EarthSky

the time of full moon falls even closer to the time of the moon’s closest point to Earth.

Huh? Lets reflect on this. It’s Super because it’s the closest to the Earth. Makes sense. Is there anything else that makes this Full Moon Super? In my opinion, every full moon is super, so this is a difficult question. Let’s Look to the Neteru for the answer

Create Balance, 
Strong Character, 
or Test of Character
Right Action
not as in right or wrong, 
but correct, appropriate.

Here is the HeruScopes Audio Analysis for the SUPER Full Moon of November 2016.

lease study the Iconography while listening to the report.

ra-maat-thoth-kv14-1RA, MAAT, DJEHUTY

ammon.aries  amunram

TAMET AMMON Sidereal Aries


CREATE BALANCE. ESTABLISH MAAT, Restore Maat to the Earth.


HeruSet2 Heru Set3 set_at_the_head_of_the_sun_barque_of_ra_by_lokieternal-d4p2dg8

Hupeneius is actually a Fish Goat. Like swimming upstream while climbing up a mountain! whew.



HetHeru PiMaere





You can watch the KemeTones Devotion Webinar Replay in its entirety



This Cherokee Moon Song is ALWAYS Super!

what makes this Moon Super to me is that the Universe is showering us with the energy and vibrations that we need to rise beyond the mess that we Light Beings having Human Experiences in Watery Encasements have created for Ourselves. NOW is the time or the moment to use our creativity and intellectual abilities to raise awareness and consciousness worldwide. NOW is the time to speak up when faced with unrighteousness or ignorance, not the time to be polite and remain silent. THIS Moon Is SUPER because it is right on time! The Right Action, MAAT ACTION is always to STAND with Maat, Stand for Justice, Stand with Standing Rock! Create Balance, and RULE the Ego. “Emotions make poor masters, but excellent servants,” another Kemetic Proverb. Our Emotions, Our Ego have a divine purpose. NOW is the time to use them for the GOOD, and not for creating more drama trauma and chaos. Remember, TRUMP IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PIMPLE. A Trump Pimple. Is that a Trumple????




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