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This story begins in 2003, when I first started having vision issues. I was working on the cover of Black Turtle Island the cd. I began squinting alot, and a friend suggested that I try on her pinhole glasses. Right away, I noticed a difference. I was having lots of trouble with my reading glasses: I would keep losing them, sitting on them, stepping on, them, BREAKING them. I had gotten so fed up with them, that I was protesting and not buying them anymore. This was ridiculous, because it also meant that I could not read anything! LOL!!

So, I ordered my own pair of pinhole glasses online. Those glasses worked so well, that 2 years later, I purchased 3000 pair of designer framed pinhole glasses!! Needless to say, the FDA detained my shipment for over 5 years. I called back recently and the shipment had been destroyed. WHY WOULD THE FDA DETAIN MY ORDER? I was simply going to sell them, and empower people to break away from the optometrist, and regain their natural vision. OF COURSE THE FDA COULDN’T HAVE THIS!  😎

They claimed that the glasses were being detained because the factory in China did not have a drop ball test. THIS TEST IS USUALLY RESERVED FOR ACTUAL GLASS GLASSES, MADE FROM GLASS. NOT Plastic!!!

I was really distraught over this, and it took a while to get over the financial setback.

Did I mention that pinhole glasses were once banned from the USA? FOR TWENTY YEARS!!!!

Recently found some that are made in the USA, so no  more customs!!! At least, not yet anyway. I want to get some frames made of bamboo or hemp plastic. No drop ball testing required, because they are plastic!

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anyway, below are some sites to give you more information. I broke my last pair a few months ago, and am so amazed that I have been able to read without them Even labels at the grocery store, as long as there is good lighting, I have been doing fine. Now that I have a new pair, it gets better and better each day!


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I will be adding the little handbook soon available for purchase. Right here at I will be adding new styles every month, so stay tuned. No need to limit yourself to just one pair! LOL!!


You may wonder why the possible uses for pinhole glasses are not discused here. Since we are a seller of pinhole glasses, the US Food and Drug Administration does not allow us to freely discuss the ways you might use these glasses. It only allows us to tell you that pinholes are useful as sunglasses. If there are any other uses, you will have to search for that information on your own. We have never claimed that pinholes prevent, treat or cure any disease. Nevertheless, for decades, the FDA has restricted your access to pinholes, because the US optical industry doesn’t want you to have them. No other country in the world restricts the sale of pinhole glasses. You have a right to know why the FDA takes this position. Read:

from The History of Pinhole Glasses

The federal government cannot have it both ways when it comes to freedom of speech. Either everyone’s freedom of speech is now recognized, or nobody’s freedom of speech is recognized. It remains to be seen whether or not the new ruling, if it stands, will be selectively enforced to the benefit of drug companies, or universally enforced to the benefit of everyone.

And it should now be legal for those who sell pinhole glasses to discuss their various uses. This argument will be used if the FDA again tries to destroy the pinhole business.

For a detailed analysis of the above decision by the law firm Emord and Associates, see Caronia Decision.

The eye doctors and optical industry have been exerting their political influence for decades, trying to keep pinholes out of public knowledge. It is because of their advertising clout that pinholes are never mentioned in the mass media. Here is a little history lesson to illustrate what we mean:

The FDA and pinhole glasses – 1992
The FDA and pinhole glasses – 2012
read pinhole history lessons at you want to strike a small blow at the optical industry, buy your sunglasses here and not from an optical store!

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