• Mid Spring Concert LIVESTREAM

      Suggested Donation: $11.00

        Sprinquinox 2022 was so encouraging and uplifting, we are ready to do it again! We are so thrilled that you can join in on the fun. If there are any hassles, here is the phone number for you to call/text to receive assistance. 773-571-1591. Last time some folks received the wrong link, yes, yours truly messed up, so now we have someone designated to assist…. First set will be…

    • Om Amun Ra Ptah Extended Ocean Version

      The One Divine Self Manifesting as the Trinity of Witnessing Consciousness, Mind and the Physical Universe
      watch video on youtube:

      Om Amun Ra Ptah


      Arit Neter S Mery Maati
      Tchiya Amet

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