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Promote Purity of Speech with this Kemetic Reggae Devotional Chant to the Goddess Day #29

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Promote Purity of Speech with this Kemetic Reggae Devotional Chant to the Goddess
Day #29 of the FREE MY MUSIC GIVE AWAY!!!



The ritual of uttering the names of the goddess promotes purity of the speech. This purity was known as maakheru in Ancient Egyptian terminology. Maakheru is the primary objective of every spiritual aspirant. The names may be recited, chanted or used in song. The art of recital, chanting and singing the divine names supports the study of the mystical teachings given in the myths related to the various forms of the Goddess. Also, it bestows psychic powers on the aspirant which will allow him or her to achieve great heights of spiritual experience internally and also to perform great works in the world of time and space (human experience).

The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Names:

Apt, Nut, Mehurt, Aset, Hetheru, Maat, Rennenet, Meskhenet, Sefkhet-aabut, Nebthet, Ament, Nekhebet, Mut, Rekhat, Sekhmet, Arat, Bast, Ra, Sekhmet- Bast-Ra.
pg. 78 The Goddess Path by Dr. Muata Ashby

There was a at one time, a different version that came out a few years ago, but I do not have the rights to that music. I wrote the melody however. Actually, it just came through me, and I wrote it down. Well, I recorded it.  Dua Sebai Maa and Dua Seba Dja for the Goddess Book.

I do not know how the names got to be placed in this order, however, I am so grateful to have received!







Goddess Aset

Goddess Aset


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