Reggae On The River 2014 Solo Performance by Tchiya Amet

Reggae On The River 2014 Solo Performance by Tchiya Amet


It has taken me two years to release these videos. The performance was great, my first solo performance at a huge festival like this. The OFFICIAL Video was lost or destroyed by the cameraman. Ironically, these clips were taken by my boyfriend at the time, Gagan Hunter. I am grateful that he was able to record the performance with his cell phone. I took the pyramid up on stage, I offered libations to the Ancestors, honored the 4 Directions. I even took the Cosmic Chimes with me. This presentation was unlike anything seen before at Reggae on the River I am sure!

Unfortunately,  while I was in my KemeTones Sound Healing booth, someone walked in and molested me. I shut down for a few years. You can read more about the details here..

ROTR 2014 Reflections


The most important thing now is for me to release the negative emotions surrounding the event, and move forward. This incident has caused a block for me, and I must release so that my music can move forward and keep flowing and healing. I was really down on Reggae Festivals after this event.The hypocrisy, the alcohol, the men groping women, the women walking around half naked, the drugs, (not medicine!), the commercialism, the misappropriation of culture. I did get a sketch artist, but there was no further actions. Just me sitting around trying to figure out what to do next. Of course, I went into the Healer mode, and set out to find healing protocols for healing from violations, rape, abuse, slavery etc. All needed, but what about the MUSIC? I was going to start doing HOUSE CONCERTS, but after the assault, I decided against traveling alone across the country.

I recently joined forces with a Reggae Band, Kasha Rootz Band, in Jamaica and recently applied to perform with Sofar Sounds, which is similar to house concerts, but a lot better.

The Music is why I am releasing the Reggae on the River 2014 videos, after 2 years of it being un-shared and unlisted. Music Heals ALL!  I  have been told this was a remarkable performance. I don’t know, I blocked out the entire experience. I am willing to try it again, if Reggae on the River will give me another opportunity that is. This time. I will bring a band:  KASHA ROOTZ BAND.
Not solo! LOL!

I am grateful for the Music that Flows through me, and I am trusting in the Divine that it reaches all the light beings that need the healing this music provides. ASHE. HOTEP. ONE LOVE.

Tchiya Amet

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