Ring of Fire 2017

Ring of Fire 2017

February Annular Solar Eclipse



This eclipse will begin at 4:10 am pst, will peak at 6:58  am  and conclude at  9:35 am. This eclipse will NOT be visible from North America,

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Where to See the Eclipse

Regions seeing, at least, a partial eclipse: South/West Africa, Much of South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica.

(Even if you cannot see the eclipse, you will experience the effects, which  can last for three years!!!

When the Eclipse Happens Worldwide

The eclipse starts at one location and ends at another. The times below are actual times (in UTC) when the eclipse occurs.

Event UTC Time Time in Fort Bragg*
First location to see the partial eclipse begin Feb 26 at 12:10 Feb 26 at 4:10 am
First location to see the full eclipse begin Feb 26 at 13:15 Feb 26 at 5:15 am
Maximum Eclipse Feb 26 at 14:58 Feb 26 at 6:58 am
Last location to see the full eclipse end Feb 26 at 16:31 Feb 26 at 8:31 am
Last location to see the partial eclipse end Feb 26 at 17:35 Feb 26 at 9:35 am

from lunarplanner.com

Solar eclipses offer opportunity to redefine concepts of self and the roles we play in the world, or how we articulate ourselves in life. They are about shifting octaves in the nature of our self-perception and self-expression, and addressing issues that keep us from doing so. They can invite a new beginning, way of life, or new way of participating in life.

Our New Moon eclipse in Aquarius conjoins the stars forming the Urn of Aquarius, primarily Sadachbia (Gamma), Seat (Pi) and Zeta Aquarius, and Skat (Delta), which lies on the shin bone of the waterbearer. A bit north is Baham of Pegasus. In the southern heavens are Beta and Gamma Sculptor. The stars of the Urn articulate natural resources and the flow of those resources to humanity.



Now for the HeruScopes Analysis of the Ring of Fire 2017
February Annular Solar Eclipse!




Dua Ra, Djehuty, Sesheta and NebtHet KuUrKu (Sun, Mercury, New Moon and Neptune in Sidereal Aquarius)
KuUrKu represents the Cosmic Force of pouring forth wisdom and abundance, from one vessel to the next, with one foot on the earth and one foot in the water. Although an air sign (mental), it is also a sign associated with water (sharing knowledge and abundance; emotions, feelings too). Djehuty and Sesheta are also cosmic forces of wisdom and knowledge. At this time, we have the opportunity to build our personality and character into one that shares wisdom and knowledge with ease, freely, using our creative forces (Ra)  to benefit Humanity, or what is known as the Brotherhood of Man. Letz say the Universal or UniverSOUL Family. KuUrKu has the tendency to care so much about the Universal Family, or the greater good, as in activism, but has very little time or concern for own personal family. Very good at teaching, or lecturing, or even performing, yet very difficult to express true feelings. With Djehuty in this constellation along with Sesheta, during the Ring Of Fire Eclipse, we have the opportunity to dig deeply and share our true feelings openly. This not only helps us to expand and go, it also benefits the ones that listen to our expression. Now is the time to change our ways and really begin the process of expressing our emotions. As we are in the Age of Aquarius by some calculations, the entire planet also has this tendency of getting along well with say our co-workers, yet estranged from our own family members. Unless of course, you work with your family members. Then assassins may be hired….true story! Or politically speaking, spending billions of dollars on war in other countries, yet cannot afford to provide every citizen with healthcare or music classes for school children. Perhaps now is the time for us to shift the frequency of the planet. Using our mind power, harnessing the Cosmic and Ancestral Forces, and towards living with with Maat.

Which brings us to NebtHet, Neptune. NebtHet wears a headdress that is in one hand, and inverted Throne, and on the other hand, is a Vessel. NebtHet represents the Spirit incarnate into the Physical. The Light Being trapped in a watery encasement. NebtHet is the Lady of the House, twin sister to Aset, the Lady of Heaven  (Aset wears a Throne headdress!). Neptune/NebtHet also have a watery aspect, as in Greek tradition, Neptune is the god of the Sea. 

Revisiting the aspect of abundance, let us use this time to open up to receive the abundance that is always present. Perhaps this can be a time of emptying out our Vessel to make room for more abundance. The water in our vessel has become stagnant and we must let go of something to make room for new abundance to flow. This is the vibration that I am receiving from NebtHet at this very moment. The Lady of the House is saying it is time to get rid of old emotions (ENERGY IN MOTION) that no longer serve us. Time to reframe some things that have happened for us over the years, see them in a new light, and keep things moving.  ASHE! Letting go of sentimental attachments….that block our flow of abundance.


In the slide for Ra, we see that Ra created Humans with his tears. Perhaps by expressing our true feelings, even our tears, we can create something that will be beneficial to our Human Family. Instead of always trying to be so positive, which is often a fake attitude, LETZ BE REAL. EXPRESS YOURSELF.   Tears of joy, tears of sadness.


Dua Chiron, HetHeru, Set, Heru PiCot Sahu. (Chiron, Venus, Mars and Uranus in Sidereal Pisces)
Chiron has finally moved into Sidereal Pisces. This is an exceptional time for healing our emotions, as Chiron is the Wounded Healer and Pisces is very emotional, and watery! WE also get to deal with the ongoing battle of Higher Self vs Ego, and again with HetHeru facing a similar struggle to regain awareness of her Divinity after spending time eliminating negative and toxic forces from the Earth.  (These descriptions are based on the Ancient Egyptian Myths associated with these Cosmic Forces. These are also the myths of your own life! This is what HeruScopes is all about: seeing yourself as the hero/Heru of the myth of YOUR life. These Cosmic Forces live within all of us! NUK PU HERU!!) Something is telling me that this eclipse/New Moon will be very emotional. Lots of Leaking Eyes (Kemetic term for tears, crying)

Dua Asar Rephan PiMaere (Pluto and Saturn in Sidereal Sagittarius)
Travel will bring Rejuvenation, regeneration, Renewal, Rebirth, etc. That family road trip you have planned will be just what you need, for healing that is. However, expect emotions to be heightened. Remain aware, through this healing journey/process, and you will gain much self knowledge and wisdom. Sagittarius also carries Asarian Energies. Now that Saturn has broken free of limitations in healing (Imhotep/Ophiuchus) it is time to move and expand on what was gained, in PiMAere. 

The constellation of Sagittarius looks like a giant teapot. When you are looking at PiMaere, you are looking towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Pouring Wisdom Tea into the Milky Way…..again, the theme of pouring and sharing wisdom.

PiCheus Aspolia (Jupiter in Sidereal Virgo). Jupiter is very comfortable here, planting seeds of intention in the garden of wisdom and expansion of consciousness. The activities that you are involved with during this time are laying the foundation for something greater that will bear fruit in due season. Jupiter is also connected with Amun, THE WITNESSING CONSCIOUSNESS. Always expanding, always present…..

I will be posting something soon about the Saturn transit, and will include the Asteroids in this reading.


The Olmec (Mayan) reading for today from mayanmajix.com (see slideshare)



I recently discovered the 70’s on youtube and several internet radio stations. The tears have been flowing for sure. Lots of emotions that I had forgotten about. I never realized how much those songs have influenced me and my own music.  Back then, African history and culture, Native American Traditions, cosmic consciousness, I didn’t know these things existed. Back then, it was Motown, and the 70’s rock/pop scene. That was all I knew about! Certainly not Reggae! LOL!! I have a feeling that my next collection of songs will be about my own feelings. So far, the focus has been on sharing teachings or songs of love and devotion for the Divine. The typical Aquarius syndrome…

The Comet from the Full Moon Eclipse  was so intense that I had a headache for 4 weeks until I made the decision to improve my relationship with the Earth and make the desion to move to be with my loved ones and place myself in a better position to share my music and healing gifts with the community. The Light of this Eclipse will guide me as I take steps on this new path. Where is this eclipse cycle guiding you? What new experience, what new journey will you embark upon?????

Remember to share your emotions, during this

Ring of Fire 2017

February Annular Solar Eclipse

This will bring about healing for you and for others. Don’t be afraid of the fire, because there is PLENTY of water to keep anyone from getting burnt! LOL!!!  GOOD FLOWING! Tchiya Amet El Maat, S.E.

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