Mid Summer SIRIUS RISING Reggae Music Experience

Sirius Rising Reggae Music Experience is moving on up to a MINI FESTIVAL.
A collaboration with LAX Energy Worx in Hazel Crest, just south of Chicago.

Summer is the BEST at Light Being Wellness & we are grateful to present the next event in this concert series. The goal of this concert series is to present music in alignment with the celestial events along the Spiral Dance Medicine Wheel. That is 8 concerts per year. We missed the Summer Solstice. This has been the goal since the first cd release in  2000. Look how long it has taken for this to become a reality…

Anyhoo, we really enjoyed playing at the Joplin Marley Studio, and perhaps we will play there again sometime. In the meantime, we are headed over to LAX Energy Worx for the Mid-Summer SIRIUS RISING Reggae Music Experience. We open the set with Kemetic Dub music: dub music with spontaneous and live improv Kemetic Chants. The concerts are live and live-streamed. In fact, you can still watch the previous livestreams for a small donation. This event will feature songs about the Milky Way and the star Sirius, which begins to rise with the Kemetic new year, July 21 and lasts until August 12 or so. For more information on Sirius, visit https://lightbeingwellness.com/the-sirius-star-system/

At this event, there will also be delicious vegan food catered by Chef Whit. So, you have three options: LiveStream: $11 suggested donation  (Name Your Price)
Music will start around 6pm…

The Event starts at 5pm:
LIVE & DIRECT: $11 suggested donation. (Name Your Price)

Live Music and Vegan Food: $40.

We are looking forward to seeing you there for this year’s SIRIUS RISING Reggae Music experience in collaboration with Vegan Eat & Greet & Music Festival at LAX Energy Worx, Live and LiveStream! One Love!

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