Song of Set 38,787

Set 38,787

Notes taken  from Egyptian Yoga Vol. 2 by Dr. Muata Ashby excerpts shared on July 16, 2020 for the Birth of Set
In the Neterian Tradition, there is no Devil
We have a different understanding of what is evil

Adversity arises from unrighteousness
Unrighteous actions come from Set

Egoism comes from identifying with body and mind as who one is
Without deeper awareness of connection to All that Is

When Ego is controlled by the Higher Nature it fights forces of entropy
When beset with ignorance it leads to degraded states of humanity

Notes taken from Pg 89 PMH by Dr. Muata Ashby
Fetters of the mind prevent the Soul from attaining Nehast
Set is the enemy of the aspirant, until he can be tamed, controlled and sublimated at last

The mastered ego becomes the servant to the Higher Self 
And protects Creation from Chaos of Apep

Pg 35  Vol 3 PMH

Smai         Heru Set 
Union of Heru and Set; Egyptian Yoga

Maat #29 pg 135 Vol 1 PMH Dr. Muata Ashby
An    Khennu     a
Not Stirring Set  I

“I have not stimulated, agitated, whipped up, roused or stirred up my ego such that it creates strife or turmoil in life.”

Pg 153 Vol 1 PMH Dr. Muata Ashby

{Nuk} Uhau        ntu

           loaded     that

Sen n          Setesh   saiu
double of    Set         fetter

Ra-a                        chesef-tu
mouth mine       Repulsion-that

“loaded with those powers assist the worthy spiritual aspects to overcome that which binds the mouth doubly the fetters of Set. However, there is a force that repulses that blocking, that obstruction from the fetters of Set”

From Budge Dictionary:

Om Smi (Slayer- a name of Set)

Om Nesi Amsu (associates of Set)

Om Setesh  (Set)

Om Kapu (Kap is Crocodile. Kapu is a title for Set, enemy lies in wait, lurker)

Om Tens ( Hippopotamus; symbol for Set)

Om Tutu (name of Set)

Om Tebha. (a form of Set)


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