Sore Eyes Full Moon 2017

Welcome to the Sore Eyes Full Moon Episode of HeruScopes
March 12, 2017

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Lovely Music for you to enjoy while the Portal of HetHeru Remains open…

Tears can create amazing things…including people apparently!



The written report does not always contain the live commentary, however, it is great for taking notes etc.


Good Rising and Great Awakenings! Uben Nefer Nehast!
Welcome to the Sore Eyes Moon Analysis from HeruScopes. My name is Tchiya Amet El Maat. HeruScopes is a Kemetic approach to the 13 Month Sidereal Astrology System, where every celestial body corresponds to a Neteru, A Cosmic Force, also known as the Gods and Goddesses.  for more information, visit

In this episode, we will encounter the current Venus Retrograde, The Full Moon, and even the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. Plus, there are 4 planets and one star in Sidereal Pisces.

almanac: “March’s Full Moon is traditionally called the Full Worm Moon by the Native Americans who used the Moons to track the seasons; Colonial Americans also used these names, especially those of the local Algonquin tribes who lived between New England and Lake Superior.

At the time of this Moon, the ground begins to soften enough for earthworm casts to reappear, inviting the return of robins and migrating birds.

Roots start to push their way up through the soil, and the Earth experiences a re-birth as it awakens from its winter slumber.

In some regions, this is also known as the Sap Moon, as it marks the time when maple sap begins to flow and the annual tapping of maple trees begins.”

Even tho the Farmer’s Almanac claims this is the Worm Moon, the Native American site states clearly that this is the WARMING MOON. from the Shosone Nation Nevada/Wyoming area.  warming moon  yu’a-mea The Almanac mentions the Algonquin, however,

The Algonquin, call this namossack kesos the Catching Fish moon. Maybe that has something to do with worms. There is no such thing as Worm Moon at the Native American Moon site,
Algonquin:  catching fish moon.

Cherokee call this Strawberry Moon. anvhyi

LaKota and the Sioux call this the moon of the sore eyes   istawicayazan wi

In honor of Venus Retrograde, and Standing Rock, this Moon is called Moon of the Sore Eyes here at HeruScopes.

but no tribes on the list have a worm moon….


Sore Eyes Full  Moon.

What comes to mind for me is tears falling so much that the eyes become sore. After you are all cried out. Djehuty as The Full Moon is in Sekhmet, Sidereal Leo, then after the Fullness, moves into Aspolia. Sidereal Virgo. The reason I chose to call this Sore Eyes Moon is due to the placement of the Venus Retrograde. in PiCot Sahu. Sidereal Pisces. Also known as the Opening of the Portal of Hetheru. In fact, there are FIVE planets in this constellation: Ra, Chiron, Djehuty, Heru and HetHeru. Whew. Lets dive right in.

HetHeru Portal Opening.
Opening of the Eyes to the Beauty Path. Seeing the Beauty in All Things. This does not mean denying that there is also the opposite of beauty, but there is no benefit in remaining neutral when it comes to beauty. Choose to see the goodness, to find the goodness, yet remain aware of the balance of forces that exists within the duality.

Venus went Retrograde on March 4, and will remain in this state until April 15. This gives us plenty of opportunities to really examine, purify and heal relationships with those closest to us, and especially the relationship with the Self. Venus has a 1.6 year cycle.

“The Venus retrograde is an ideal time for introspection, to reassess our values and desires, that which is important to the heart, also a time to reassess personal finances. Look at where the Venus retrograde occurs in your personal chart and the planets it transits to gain insight into how and in what area of your life it effects. The Venus Retrograde will transit natal Eris for many people, those born up to about 1967.”

The Other Cosmic Forces in PiCot Sahu (Sidereal Pisces) bring the Power of Communication (Djehuty), Creativity (Ra), Self Healing and Self Care, and the Challenge to Be Our very best: (The Battle of Heru) into the playing field of the Emotions.

If there are any underlying emotions, unresolved issues, unanswered questions, lingering “what ifs”, etc, NOW IS THE MOMENT TO DIG DEEP AND SHARE. Be Honest, Be Truthful, Be Creative. Most of all, remain true to Self. Let your heart ask the questions let your mind receive the answers. This will bring so much healing. However, as we are dealing with deep seated emotions, tears may have to fall. As long as no heads have to roll, you’ll be fine! LOL!!

EVERYTHING will be illuminated with the Healing Power of the Sore Eyes Full Moon in Sekhmet, Sidereal Leo. What ever is revealed, will become the Seed of intention for the coming cycle.

On April 9, the Portal of Djehuty opens up (Mercury Retrograde) while the Portal of Hetheru is still open. Sounds like FUN!

These alignments again remind us of the myths of these deities. About how the journey of life is really about remembering our Divine Nature. Nature comes from the word Neter, the Cosmic Forces of the Universe, that live within all of us. Also known as Gods and Goddesses. When openings like this align for us in the Heavenly celestial realm, we must not delay and walk right in. Not about avoiding communications or technology. Not the time to end relationships. NOW IS THE TIME TO UPLEVEL ALL RELATIONSHIPS, EXPRESS EMOTIONS IN A WAY THAT WILL LEAD TO DEEPER UNDERSTANDING. And healing.

Set/Mars in Tamet Amon (Sidereal Aries)
Conquered Set takes the lead at the head of the boat. After overcoming the Ego, we gain control over our lives. When we allow the Ego to dominate us, we suffer. Hence the SORE EYES. Sometimes crying is a release of pain and sadness, and sometimes crying is due to the illusion of lack or sense of separation. When we release the block, we see more clearly. However, if we are just complaining, making demands, or holding onto the pain, we become blind to the light of truth. It can be a challenge, however, we  an activate the Cosmic Force of Will and can choose the Beauty Path, to see with the Eye of HetHeru, we can choose to WIN.

Asar (Pluto) and RePhan (Saturn) remain in Sidereal Sagittarius. Travel, and wisdom bring rejuvenation and ability to set or re-evaluate boundaries and limits.

11 Good Reasons To Cry. How Crying Relieves Stress And Improves Your Health

11 Good Reasons To Cry. How Crying Relieves Stress And Improves Your Health

October 29, 2014 By Author: Urmet Seepter

“Does crying relieve stress? The answer is yes. It seems natural to feel embarrassed when you cry and some people may think of you as a weak person. But there’s more to it than feeling sad because crying relieves stress and makes you feel better. Crying is free and anyone can do it.

There are no side effects when you cry but it will certainly make your eyes red with tears running down on your cheeks. Crying is not a popular drug but studies show that it’s very effective in making you feel better.

Emotional tears are different from the other two types of tears because it contains essential chemicals that are not commonly found in tears that are caused by physical irritants such as the acidic fumes of chopped onions. Generally, emotional tears contain adrenocorticotropic hormone, prolactin hormone and a natural painkiller called leucine enkephalin.

Prevents sickness

Crying can protect us from diseases like cold and flu. The tears in our eyes help fight against germs. Our tears have the ability to kill 90% of bacteria within a few minutes.
Releases your inner feelings

If you experience traumatic events in your life or you are suffering from depression. It is essential for you to express your feelings by crying because some of your problems and deepest longings may accumulate inside the part of your brain called limbic system which may cause a more serious mental illness.
Promotes clear vision

When we cry, our eyesight becomes clearer because the tears have a moisturizing effect on our eyes which makes sure that the membrane surrounding our eyeballs will not be dehydrated.
Helps when dealing with frustration

The problems we encounter in our daily lives can make us feel helpless and frustrated. Crying relieves stress and frustration because it helps us to let go of all the pent up feelings and it enables us to take better control of our lives.”

Olmec (Mayan) Reading for March 12, 2017

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