Spring Festival of Goddess Aset

March 5

She lays to rest the storms that had not allowed the boats to make their journey

Dua Asar
Speech of Aset
Dua Aset

The March festival, as it was celebrated in Corinth, is described at length in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses, or The Golden Ass. It was a spring festival that celebrated the beginning of the seafaring season. A ship was carried on a cart (carrus navalis) through the city. It was followed by a procession of choruses, candidates, mystai in bright clothes wearing masks, and priests carrying the insignia of the goddess. The ship was let into the sea, and the participants returned to the temple, where initiation ceremonies, banquets, and dances were held.

Aset and Set

As Set is the god of thunderstorms, Aset is the goddess of the life-giving rains. While Set’s storms cleanse so that new growth can occur from even the most desolate of lands, Aset’s cleansing has to do with the renewal of the ka of all living things. She replenishes while he destroys, but both bring renewal. 


Two great Festivals are dedicated to Isis. The first was celebrated on the Vernal Equinox, to celebrate the return of life to the world (around March 20)….

Her name literally means “(female) ofthrone“, Her original headdress was an empty throne chair belonging to her murdered husband,Osiris. …

The ancient Egyptians certainly knew that feeling and celebrated it. In his essay “On Isis and Osiris,” the Greek priest Plutarch mentions an Egyptian festival that he says marked the beginning of spring and was called ‘The Entry of Osiris Into the Moon.’ Here’s what he says about it:

Further, on the first day of the month of Phamenoth they hold a festival, which they call ‘The Entry of Osiris into the Moon,’ for it is the beginning of spring. Thus they locate the power of Osiris in the moon and say that Isis, as the creative principle, has intercourse with him. For this reason they also call the moon the mother of the world and they believe her nature to be both male and female since she is filled and made pregnant by the sun while she herself in turn projects and disseminates procreative elements in the air.


The author of this article goes on to say the Plutarch has Greekified the myths the dates, etc, also, reversed the genders of the Sun and Moon, so, perhaps this entry is useless….


When held in March, it was also a Spring festival of Isis as Mother of the Season. Isidis Navigum was traditionally celebrated with lights, music, mirrors, flower garlands, perfume, balsam, carnival, and torch-lit processions. It can also be celebrated by going sailing, carrying garlands of roses to the sea, pouring libations of milk into the sea, dedicating a ship to Isis, or making and launching a small votive boat in honor of Isis.

The night of the Full Moon is a traditional time for celebrating Isis and Osiris.

 Isis is also traditionally honored on the first and fourth days of the New Moon. 


“Secret cavern” is the name of the seventh country of the Duat. 

Full of danger and peril is it, for the abominable Apep dwells in this land. As a great and monstrous serpent does he appear and with wide-open mouth he swallows the waters of the river, that the Boat may be wrecked and that Ra may perish. Then would the earth belong to the powers of darkness, and evil and wickedness would overcome the gods.

But in the prow of the Boat stands Isis, the great enchantress, whose magic none can withstand; Isis, the greatest of the goddesses, she who can raise the dead, and to whom all mankind pay love and reverence. With arms outstretched, she recites the Words of Power; calling aloud across the dark river.  On a sandbank in the midst of the river lies the abominable Apep. hen Selk and Her-desuf leap from the Boat of Ra and bind him with cords, and with sharp knives they pierce his flesh, hoping to destroy him. But Apep is immortal, and every night will he await and attack the Boat of Ra. Yet Selk and Her-desuf hold him fast while the Boat continues on its way, past the great sandbanks, where he writhes and twists and struggles to get free, but the cords are strong and the knives are sharp and his efforts are in vain.

The Storm

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Readings from Teachings by Sage Amenemopet presented by Sebai Maa and Seba Dja:
Dr. Muata Ashby and Dr. Karen Dja Ashby…

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