Springtime Music: March 2022

Ancient African Adorations CONTINUES in 2022!

Good Rising and Great Awakenings!
Now streaming live on YouTube, tiktok, and various other platforms such as twitter, LinkedIn, telegram, and Melanated People. Soon will be on Pinterest as well. Here is the Schedule for March 2022 plus links and highlights of past transmissions. Currently, the series is following the Neterian Calendar of Holy Days presented by TempleofAmun.com For more information on the Kemetic Wisdom teachings, visit EgyptianYoga.com

Tchiya Amet Music YouTube channel


And for the Reggae fans, I am sure you must be wondering what caused this Spiritual Direction and Intense Focus of this Music! Well it was my personal musical healing journey. To be honest, there is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy too much toxic masculinity and colonialism for me to continue as exclusively a Reggae Artist. Too much religious oppression and spiritual enslavement. Too. much Caucasity involved in the Reggae Music Industry. I needed to get more in touch with Divinity, with the Divine Feminine, and not be involved in a movement that required me to remain silent.

So, after decades of exploring other Indigenous Practices and Spiritual technologies, I landed in Ancient Kemet. These are the teachings that allowed me to literally CHANGE NY MIND. To transform myself into My Higher Self.

If you notice, all of my music has been about putting teachings of the Four Directions to Music. I stayed in Kemet for 12 years so far, Moree to come.

During the Ancient African Adorations sessions, we dive deep into the teachings offered for the Holy day, then towards the end, the Song Writing Enchantress appears, and creates new music on the spot, based on the Scriptures or reflections of the Teachings. Sometimes, the teachings and writings of Sebai Maa (Dr. Muata Ashby) & Seba Dja (Dr. Karen “Dja” Ashby) are presented. Sometimes, just the personal reflections of the Chantress and Overseer of AstMaataJi Temple of Divine Light Healing and Sweet Sounds, Arit Neter S Mery Maati, aka Tchiya Amet.

This Music is a reflection of my spiritual journey, and is being shared to enhance your own journey as well.


Stay tuned for livestream and ticket links….Hotep One Love

Due to Social Distancing, there are only 20 seats available for the Live Concert…
get your ticket soon, you can even Name Your Price!

In case you missed the launching of my very first OFFICIAL Music Video, here it is!
TWO ROADS is Kemetic ROCK!

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