Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Summer Solstice

Good Rising and Great Awakenings. Greetings. OSIYO.


Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park is hosting the first Summer Solstice Celebration June 22-24. They invited Tchiya Amet and Band to bring Native Reggae to the event. When I first learned of the event, I figured it was a fundraiser for Standing Rock. But, it is not like you are probably thinking. Beth and Robert White Mountain are Lakota People with a vision to bring people together in honor of the Summer Solstice. Yes, they live at Standing Rock in South Dakota.


The festival organizers are able to compensate, however, it is not enough to cover transportation costs. So, rather than cancel the appearance, we chose to reach out to community and raise funds. I started a patreon page, but so many people had problems figuring out how to use it, and so, even though this page is “homemade”, it works the same way. You can still go the patreon page and make an offering.

Or, you can go to and make a donation. If you want the downloads or songbooks, that are offered at, just let me know.

Drummi  Bigga

Bassi Hiram on left and Guitar Timuel on the right

Brotha Rahpre on Sax and Flute


Tchiya Amet on keyboards and vocals.

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You can learn more about the Medicine Wheel Living Park at their website


Medicine Wheel Living

They also have a facebook page, with information on the presenters and performers.

Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park

Summer Solstice Celebration

Thank you for taking the time and energy to connect. Oneness


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