Standing Rock Update
Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park
Summer Solstice Celebration
​The Festival Organizers have asked us to bring this music to their event. Fortunately, I have just recently moved back to Chicago, and have a great new band.
They want to keep the event free for the Community at Standing Rock, and so, we are asking for your contribution, to go towards our transportation costs.
This event is not a benefit or a fundraiser, but a celebration. An opportunity for all of those that went to Standing Rock and supported Standing Rock in 2016, to come together and celebrate Life and The Summer Solstice. Beth and Robert White Mountain are creating this event out of love, from their hearts, and with their own bank accounts. Any monies raised after the costs of our  transportation are covered will be donated to the Medicine Wheel Living Park.
​We have created a page at patreon to make it easy to make an offering. Click on the banner or the link below.

Well, even though the Dakota Access Pipeline was laid, the Fight Continues. The Healing Continues.  The Injustices Still  Require our attention. This festival is an attempt to bring people together in healing, in peace and love, with the intention to raise awareness about sustainable living. Reggae Music needs to be there, and you can help. In addition to the great musical lineup, which includes Rock, Spoken Word, and Traditional Native Music, there will also be a day for Sacred Ceremony, and 300 Trees will be planted.
From their website:

 “The Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park was created in 2009 and is a grassroots organization dedicated to renewing cultural values and creating sustainable, regenerative living practices on the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation.

The Park serves as a facilitator in the study of the elements of creation and how we can combine  modern teachings and sustainability practices with ancient Indigenous cultural knowledge to create a better understanding of the Natural World….

The Park is designed to help break the vicious cycle of learned dependency of growing up in an impoverished area, to encourage sobriety, and be an avenue for community members and others to learn the basics about Natural Law and how to connect with it, Indigenous culture, and sustainable living practices, such as gardens, green-building, renewable energies and technology. The Park works to create opportunities for healing that can help fulfill the fundamental need of people to live in a healthy environment with eco-friendly practice…”

“It is the Lakota tradition to give away the first of everything you ‘make’.  For example: the planting of our first garden, we gave all the vegetables away by going door-to-door.  You make a pair of earrings and gift the first pair you make.  In this tradition we are “giving away” our event.  But through giving away, we need support and ask for your loving donation to help support this 1st year Summer Solstice Celebration, money goes towards the event to support our presenters/speakers, through lodging and travel, and an honorarium for our local presenters/speakers.  All other donations and sponsorships goes towards equipment to maintain and supplies to continue expansion of the Medicine Wheel Living Park.  

           Wo Pila Thanka”

You can learn more about the Standing Rock Medicine Wheel Living Park and the Summer Solstice Celebration at
The lineup for the event June 22-24 includes Cultural Presentations, Sustainable Living Workshops, Kids Activities, and of course, The Music!
Please do what you can to help bring this Native Reggae Music to Standing Rock this Summer Solstice. Even $1 helps. For your donation, you will receive musical rewards, including the medicine Wheel Music Playlist . Later this year, a compilation cd of all the Medicine Songs of Tchiya Amet will be released. If you make a donation, one of the rewards will enable you to download the playlist. Another reward includes the Medicine Dub tunes, and a third reward includes a Songbook, with the lyrics to the medicine songs, as soon as it becomes available.

​Please take a moment to visit the webpages and make a donation towards the transportation costs, and help us to BRING THE MUSIC OF TCHIYA AMET TO STANDING ROCK. And, please remember to share this message with your friends and communities.
Wado. Thank You in Advance. One Love
Tchiya Amet
Devotional World Music
Reggae Fusion Jazz
Native Reggae


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