Summer WELLNESS with Kemetic Healing Science at the DOJO June 25!

Summer WELLNESS with
Kemetic Healing Science at the DOJO June 25!
Children of the SUN Summer Solstice Gathering.

Today is June 24, 2017

Join us on one of the longest days of the year honoring the Summer Solstice, as we explore several aspects of Energetic Healing Therapies from Ancient Kemet (Indigenous African Egypt). You will learn about Energy Healing, Meditation, Sacred Chants, Sound Healing, Yoga, Live and Natural Foods, PLUS Reggae Music to close out the day. All founded on traditions from Ancient Egypt. You can also receive a one-on-one healing treatment from the practitioners that will be there.


will open the day with a Kemetic Meditation Session. Lotus Love Spirit healing will also be in the Healing Room offering her healing services, readings and wellness products. She is a Ra Sekhi (Kemetic Reiki) Priestess and Practitioner. You can learn more about Lotus Love here at


and also at her facebook page:


Ancient African Adorations

A Musical Offering to the Divine, the Cosmic Forces also known as Gods and Goddesses that live within all of us. Songs and chants of love and devotion to the Ancestors. Songs to awaken these Cosmic Forces within you. Tchiya Amet sings songs from her wellness collection of Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Music. from The Blue Lotus Speaks vol. 1: Anpu, The Opening.


Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Presentation by Khemra Anetera and Lotus Love Spirit Healing at 2 pm

Ra Sekhi is the Kemetic approach to an energy healing technique that is commonly known as Reiki. These two masters and practitioners will provide the safe space for you to experience and to know more about this technique.

For information about Lotus Love, see links above.

Khemra Anetera will also have a healing booth with wellness products and jewelry.



To learn about Ra Sekhi, visit



KemeTones at 3 pm

will present an introduction to the Neters with Cosmic Sound Healing at around 3 pm. KemeTones is similar to acupuncture using sound instead of needles. Acutonics tuning forks are tuned to the planetary frequencies according to the Music of the Spheres by Pythagoras. (We all know that he studied in Ancient Kemet before coming up with his ideas and theories. ) The tuning forks are then placed directly on the body or in the energy field, thus removing blocks to the flow of energy. These blocks are the cause of all illness, pain or disease, so when the block is removed, the pain illness or disease are eliminated. for  ore information, viist  


Tchiya Amet El Maat, Natural Health Therapist,

will be available for one-on-one sessions, at the event, or you can make an appointment to receive a treatment for the duration of her time in Chicago, until July 6. Visit her page at  for more info, and also to schedule an appointment: KemeTones, HeruScopes, Open Your Money Flow, Energy FLOW Analysis, etc. Her line of wellness products will also be available: TeaChiya herbal products, AstMaataJi oils and flower essences, and Light House Wellness Products. also available online at


Audiopharmacology: Shannon Harris

will present his healing artform at 4:30: is it a concert? is it a healing session? YES! It is beyind description, it must be heard, felt and experienced. This is a MUST SEE for your Summer Solstice Alignment!

“Audio Pharmacology is an integrative technique of ancient healing systems used in a form of medicinal music, light, movements and visuals. This class will go over it’s uses through the 5 element system (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) coupled with other sight and sound modalities to aid in the sensational process of tonal healing thru inspirational meditation, deep breathing, color, light, sacred images, elemental/ environmental audio references, energy/organ systems, frequency balancing, and binaural/monaural brain waves.”



You can learn more about Chef Via as well as the Menu for this event


Begins at around 6-ish and goes until we are all feeling the great vibez of the Summer Solstice!

read previous updates to learn more about the musicians…..
and visit their websites
so, c’mon out, feel the vibez, get in alignment with the Summer Solstice with the Healing Wisdom of Ancient Kemet and Beyond!  Brought to you by REGGAE WELLNESS. HOTEP! Supreme Peace.
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