Neter S

Springtime Music: March 2022

Ancient African Adorations CONTINUES in 2022! Good Rising and Great Awakenings! Now streaming live on YouTube, tiktok, and various other platforms such as twitter, LinkedIn, telegram, and Melanated People. Soon will be on Pinterest as well. Here is the Schedule for March 2022 plus links and highlights of past transmissions. Currently, the series is following the Neterian Calendar of Holy Days presented by For more information on the Kemetic…

Al Minya and the Blind Harpist

Udja. Welcome to Al Minya! Al Minya has a site with an image of the Blind Harpist, so we absolutely had to go there. Because this is a Musical Initiatic Journey. I had never heard of this place before. My first visit was in 2018, then again in 2020.  .We spent the entire day there both times, visiting many different sites and locations that were completely mind-blowing, everything happened so…

SuRa Session in February

Good Rising. See are some clips from one of our recent rehearsal sessions. I am still learning how to let go. This is one of mt fa virtue tunes. It is one of Soji’s tunes, and is called Toshiya, ¬†which sounds like Tchiya. Whois sings Sailing to Eternity when she hears this song…. Inner Joy! Join Us Every Second Saturday at the Silver Room in Hyde Park, Chicago 6-8 pm

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