Sirius Rising

Dua Heru Ur

Birthday of Heru Ur! 3rd Day of the N eterian Observance of the Kemetic Nu Year (38,790 = 2023) and the Helical Rising Of Sirius which begins around the 21….OH DEAR, just realized that I’ve been saying the wrong year! LOL!! 38,790…. Anpu4 Great Truths ONKAO Dua HeruDua Ankh HeruKuti HeruKuti before meNuk Heru Necht Heru Ur Nuk Qent, Necht, Maakheru, Heru

Pautti Neteru

Uben Nefer Nehast Good Rising Great Awakenings Grateful to announce the release of a new musical collection in honor of the Kemetic New Year, 38,789 and Sirius Rising 7-13: Birthday of Ra 7-14: Birthday of Asar 7-15: Birthday of Heru Ur 7-16: Birthday of Set 7-17: Birthday of Aset 7-18: Birthday of NebtHet 7-19: Birthday of Sopdet (HeliacalRising of Sirius) 7-20: Kemetic New Year will post links as songs are…

Dua! Sopdu Uben Nefer & Kemetic New Year 38,781 (2015)!

Dua! Sopdu Uben Nefer & Kemetic New Year 38,781 (2015)! Good Rising and GREATEST Awakenings! With LUVIBRATIONS from HeruScopes©!!        If you are new to Sirius Rising, here is some background information to get you going with the SPIRAL DANCE!!! The Sirius Star System Sirius Rising and the Dog Days of Summer   Sirius Culmination is December 31 Sirius Culmination Viewing Guide this ritual can be observed at anytime of year…. Sirius midnight…

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