The Breath Concert 2022

Watch Live here or catch the replay…

March 27, 2020 was the first presentation of the Breath Concert.

We will revisit this on April 10, 2022 at 8pm ct. Here are my notes and resources. Hotep

Open the ways…Offering Prayer

Dua Ra Chef

Uben F em aket abdet ent Pet
Anetej Ra-k iti em Khepera
Khepera qema neteru
Cha-k-uben-k psd Mut-k
Cha ti em suten neteru
Iri -nek-mut Nut aiui -em iri nini
Manu em Hetep hept-tu Maat er tra

Ra for the Corona

“Nini” act of worship is shown by the Nini/energy flowing from the hands of the god or goddess, sometimes during purification ritual, sometimes in adorations/making offerings

Dua Sekhmet, Dua Net
Om Ndj Hna Nini

Dua Asar Un nefer Neterah.  DRUM
Her Ab Abdu; Suten heh
Neb Djeta, Sebeby Heh

Dua Asar M aha-f, 
sa dep, n chat Nut,
utet n Geb, Rpat neb

Dua Asar Ureret tai 
hed ity, neteru rmteg

Breath: Tree of Life pg 249
“God created the Universe….”

African Religions vol 4 pg 106, 108 vs 62-67

PMH: pg 241 Chapter 19
Proper Breathing pg 349
pg 171: Human beings must breathe…
Chapter 7 pg 197 PMH

Speech of Aset

Aset: brought people back to life. Divine Intuition made the way for the redemption and the Victory of the Soul.

Speech of Aset:

Medtu-dj in Ast
ay un m sa-k
Hun n-a k nafu
er fed-k mechtyu
N sheray-afu-k
pert m Temu
Zk- n-a n-k
hyt (afu) k
Eddy n-a un
n-k m Neter
Cheftiu k cher
kjhert teby k
Z-maa kheru
k m mut usertu
ma neteru

4 Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

The Four Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

Pa Neter Ua Ua Neberdjer m Neteru
An Maat Swy Saui Set s Khemn
S-Uashu S-Nafu N Saiu Set

Ari Shedy Rekh Ab M Maakheru

Focus on S-Uashu S-Nafu N Saiu Set (5 minutes)

Devotion to the Divine leads to Freedom from the Fetters of Set

Snafu: s-nafu

Reshert Sherety K Neter. 

Joy Bliss Breathing thee the Divinity

It is a blissful experience to breathe in Divinity though the nostrils and experience the ecstasy of switching the awareness of  ego personality to the fullness of my Divine nature instead.

At the Remembrance of Amun, located in the Temple of Amun at Luxor, in the Holy of Holies. This was discovered, or remembered by Sebai Maa on one of his visits there.

Myrrh has an affect on the Breath and being able to experience the Bliss.

Seba Dja is currently teaching a class on this Divine meditation at


The Inner Space, 
Discover the Connection between Heaven and Earth
Human interaction cannot take place 
without Space and Air.
Atum Ra (ATOM) created Shu and Tefnut, Air and Moisture: Sneezed Shu into Existence
Spit out Mucous: Spit out TefNut into Existence: 
The Common Cold played a significant role in the Creation Myth! 
SHU: Pg. 128

Follower of Djehuty Brings Sweet Wind to Nostrils, Shu Shines Cleansing Enlightening Light and Purifies the Body #11, pg 125
Iu a em shemsy en Djehuty

Hay kua em Arit n-f neb
an n-f n-k nafu

Nedjm {mdj} en fend k ankh
was en Her k nefer

Mehtu pert em Temu
er sherety k neb

Ta djezer Diu
f Uben en Shu 
her shent-bet {det. Heru**} k

Se-hedj f n-k wat
zenket der f n-k

Dutu ary hau k
en shu-achu tep ra

Book of Breathings: #5 Amun beholds you and gives air

Pg 153: 

Amun ra ma k
her di n-k
nafu Ptah her
nubau hau k

Page 155: #7 Amun provides Breaths of Life even while being in a coffin

Amun sty nafu en ankh
Di f ari-k
zenzenu em debut k

pg 156: #8 Doing the Breathings daily is a Protective talisman

Shayt en zenzenu en Djehuty
em sau k zenzenu k
im s ra neb

Sema hieroglyph: represented by the union of Two Lungs and the Trachea, symbolizes that the union of the Higher Self and Lower Self leads to the One.  

pg 36 Vol 3 EBOD
Sema: yoga, unity 
Smai Tawi
Unification of Upper and Lower Kemet/Egypt

Tjef Neter Sema Paut Smai Tawi

Authentic Ancient Egyptian Yoga Posture System, Yoga from Ancient Kemet. Not the same as Kemetic Yoga, which is Eastern yoga that has been “Kemetized”. This is a system that can be found inscribed in Temples throughout Ancient Egypt/Kemet.

From Sebai Maa in Tjef Sema Paut Level 2 Certification Training March 2020: 

Conspiracy: to Breathe Together. Sema Nafu
UaShu means Devotion: One Breath. Rhythmic Breathing leads to the Discovery of Neberdjer

Sema Nafu UaShu. 

Hotep/Hetep di S Neter iri metti wadj    

Peace Offering is made to Propitiate that God may make the Vascular Systems Flourish, this is an Indication of Health.

Goddess Maat

Maat Akhu Maat
Maat Nebu Ten
Cha Hena Maat
Ankh Hena Maat
Ha Sema Maat
Dua Maat Nebu ten

HA SEMA MAAT (5 minutes)


The Conspiracy Chant:
S-uashu s-nafu n saiu Set
Sema Nafu Uashu
Ha Sema Maat

Om Hotep Titi
Supreme Peace, the End of Duality, is Coming

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