Two Roads OFFICIAL Music Video

Grand Rising Great Awakenings.

Without further ado, The OFFICIAL Two Roads Music Video is now available on the Tchiya Amet VEVO youtube Channel!

Of course it would be released during Mercury Retro and, BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!! it was actually released on other platforms on January 18, however for some reason, the Universe conspired to release on youtube yesterday….on February 4!!!!

The Lyrics of the song Two Roads are straight from my notes from the book Maat Wisdom and Philosophy by Dr. Muata Ashby ( Sebai Maa). The 2 roads are the path of Ignorance of the Divine (Egoism) & the Path of Wisdom of the Divine ( Intuitional Wisdom, Spiritual Aspiration & the Redemption of the Soul).

The message of this video is basically to stop begging the colonizers for freedom. We must be Free within Our Hearts & Minds to evoke change. Protesting has made life different, but not better for us. Most people still practice the religion of their oppressors, which is spiritual enslavement. There is no savior or prophet coming back to liberate us. No more Martyrs please. No more of our heroes sheroes being killed. We must LIBERATE OUR MINDS & OURSELVES, Help the Children to do the same, set an example. No one can really free or enlighten anyone else. Cannot save anyone or save the world: IF WE EACH FOCUS ON THE INNER WORLD, we will see change in outer world. We can help each other find tools for enlightenment, however we must do the inner work…FOR OUR SELVES….

I have watched protests, executions & the corruption of Black & Indigenous leaders for 50 years: MLK was the first assassination I was aware of at age 8. Let’s stop matching & walking and Turn within, turn to Ancestral Ways of Africans & Indigenous Peoples of the Four Directions. Spiritual Enslavement will NEVER lead us to the Freedom & Peace we seek… we are deserving of, OUR INHERITANCE!

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Dua Sebai Maa Dua Seba Dja. Dua Maat.

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