Feast of Uadjit 4-21

Opening Prayer
Anpu, Opener of the Ways
4 Great Truths
Dua Ra Cheft
Dua Asar


Speech of Aset
Speech of Nebthet
Maati hekau

Egyptian Proverbs pg 116: Breathing Exercise

African religions vol 4 Asarian resurrection
pg 216

pg  assisted with birth of Heru
pg 90
pg 185: verse 43-44
Gloss verse 22 pg 190; pg 192
pg 256, gloss for chapter 25 vs 1-3
chapter 27, pg 276
pg 288 vs 43-47
43. I Am Going forth by day in the presence of Asar as a possessor of Life
44. The two snakes have opened the Duat for me so that I may come back to behold the Uadjit Eye
45. The water is overturned on the back of the Bennu & the two lady confederates
46. Heru is given the restored Uadjit Eye so that he may illumine at dawn. My name is his name.
47. there is not greatness above me in my aspect as the god-lion

pg. 291 this magnanimous view…

EY AR vol 2 pg 100
PMH Chapter 17 also Goddess Book pg 59
“Behold Ra who was born yesterday from the buttocks of the Goddess Mehurt. In the answer to the question:”What then is this?” it is explained: “It is the watery abyss of heaven, or as others say, It is the image of the Eye of Ra in the morning at His daily birth. Mehurt is the eye (Utchat) of Ra.”

TOL: enscribed at entrances of holy temples
sundisk encircled by a serpent
pg 7: sefech ba ra
pg 143: Caduceus
pg 145: UrUadjit winged sundisk

Notes from https://ancientegyptonline.co.uk/wadjet/
personification of Lower Egypt 
always appeared with her sister Nekhbet
“nebty” “the two ladies”
created the first papyrus plant and primordial swamp.
daughter of Atum (or later Ra) who sent her as his “eye” to find Tefnut (moisture) and Shu (air) when they were lost in the waters of Nun
created the first human beings from his tears. To reward his daughter, he placed her upon his head in the form of a cobra so that she would always be close to him and could act as his protector.
Eye of Ra” was often called “the Wedjat”.
In this form she was sent out to avenge her father and almost caused the destruction of mankind.
closely linked to the principle of Ma’at: when Geb went against Ma’at,
Wadjet was not prepared to allow him to go unpunished.
She offers protection to all women during childbirth.
Wadjet and her sister also protected the adult Horus from the followers of Set. 
This protection was also extended towards the pharaoh who wore the “Royal Ureas” (serpent) on his (or her) forehead.
She was worshiped at the Temple of Wadjet, known as “Pe-Dep”
Vulture Goddess
Cobra Goddess

Dua Uadjit
Dua Wadjet
Dua Utchat

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