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Osiyo! Good Rising!

Waya Equoni Pejuta: Opening the Medicine Wheel

This is the way we open the Medicine Wheel at Waya Equoni Pejuta Medicine Wheel.


We Always Give Thanks…..


  1. Activate the Element of Fire: Candle, and if time permits, we light a fire.

  2. Activate the Element of Air: We Sage the dancing ground, the Medicine Wheel, and all participants.

  3. Activate the Element of Earth: we offer tobacco and corn meal to the 4 directions. If time permits, we also make a food offering, sweet treat, meal, or fruit or vegetable.

  4. Activate the Element  of Water: We Water the Medicine Wheel (all of her prayers) and allow the water to nourish the Cherry tree during the ceremony. I will post more about the Cherry tree in the near future.

  5. Activate the Element of Sound with our prayers, chants, and songs, We also drum, and dance.

You can learn more about the Waya Equoni Pejuta Medicine Wheel here:

Waya Equoni Pejuta: My Personal Cangleska/ Medicine Wheel

Here are the Waya Equoni Pejuta Medicine Songs




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