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Who is Tchiya Amet? Find Out On The Best, From SULTRY Women, Timeless Classics VOL. XI

Release Date: May 1, 2017
Tchiya Amet, Singer, Musician, Song Writer

It’s hard to put Tchiya’s music are her into a category, but if you enjoy listening to great music with an incredible Island feeling, then you will surely enjoy The Best, Tchiya Amet’s new CD release by HousTone Records. This record is a collection of music spanning Tchiya’s 20 year career, and the title says it all: it is definitely “The Best”. The CD has a Jazzy, Latin, World Native vibe, and is definitely something special, from the Timeless Classics Collection VOL. XI SULTRY Women set for early download Release May 12, 2017, CD hard copy, June 20, 2017.

“Her music is rooted in Roots Reggae, Afro Brazilian, Afro Cuban and Native American Traditional music, a blend of Indigenous and Contemporary world rhythms I call “Reggae Fusion Jazz”- says Sirron Kyles, General Manager at HousTone Records.

Tchiya is a student of several languages, “I can order dinner and get around town in many places!”-she jokes. Many different languages are featured in songs on this CD. “Often referred to as the Island’s Robert Flack because of her soft vocal style, but similarities to Sade and Esperanza Spalding, Sun Ra because of Tchiya’s fondness for unique instrumental arrangements, a mild Erykah Badu and of course Bob Marley because of her oneness messages which are always featured in her song lyrics”- says Marc Gordon Entertainment Editor, Waiting Room, USA Magazine.

Musician, Singer, Song Writer, poet and philosopher, Tchiya Amet born August 5th, grew up on the South Side of Chicago, IL. Her ancestral heritage resembles a patchwork quilt and she is proud of being of African & Native American descent, which includes Cherokee and Blackfoot, maybe one of the reasons why she chose to become Tchiya Amet El Maat, Natural Wellness Therapist, Specializing in Kemetic Healing and Egyptian Yoga, her Caregiver Persona. Hyperlink this to

The Best, as do other CD’s in the Timeless Classics collection, focuses on re-introducing artist’s earlier music to today’s music fans. We hope people enjoy, appreciate and feel inspired to add Tchiya’s, and other artist´s music that they find in this collection, to their playlists. Tchiya has released six Albums including her Wellness CD collection. This CD was inspired by the ever-growing enthusiasm for all types of Reggae and World Music performed by Women from around the world, and focuses on Reggae Fusion Jazz sounds.

See Tchiya Perform live on her 2017 Tour: June 25, July 1, in Chicago, IL; July 22, Port Antonio, Jamaica; September 1,2,  Las Vegas, NV; September 16, Austin TX;  September 17, Houston, TX; September 18, Sedona, AZ; and other dates TBA,

“It’s a new approach to locating music you may enjoy and are not aware of, or simply forgot about,” said HousTone general manager, Sirron Kyles. “Music lovers have a variety of technology options on how they can find and enjoy music today, this CD allows audiences to explore those options, to connect or reconnect with artists and music they may choose to add to their playlists, just by searching for artists and songs from the Timeless Classics collection.”

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