by nyomi reid on Tchiya Amet Portal Entrance
sounds great

the cd sounds great ,the music is very relaxed,keep up the good work

by rootdancer on Tchiya Amet Portal Entrance
great uplifting music

music great beat a world of it own makes you feel good.

by Anonymous on Tchiya Amet Portal Entrance

Tchiya Amet (which is Hebrew for "Rise Again Truth", the title of her first CD) seamlessly fuses reggae with jazz and Native American influences that will engage your body, your brain, and your heart all at the same time. Composer, keyboardist, and lead vocalist, she transcends musical genres and cultures, conveying deep and universal spiritual truths while making your spirit dance.

by Eccentrique on Tchiya Amet Portal Entrance

I heard Tchiya's song 'World Peace' from her CD 'Black Turtle Island' on Roots Reggae channel. I purchased her CD shortly after. I think it's brilliant, truly an inspirational message of peace. Tchiya's synthesis of world Spirit sounds creates a unique perspective on a lasting message. I’m looking forward to Tchiya’s new CD release.

And thanks to CD Baby, for the quick CD-send.
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by Hans from Canada on Tchiya Amet Portal Entrance

This is a Rockin' CD, keep up the good work, hope to hear more from you.
Great Music!! keep up the positive Vibe!

by Sundance on Tchiya Amet Portal Entrance
Expands the foundation of roots reggae!

This is, IMHO, Tchiya Amet's best release in that the foundation of roots reggae is stronger than ever, and the light jazz flavorings more subdued...there is some stellar musicianship here, and the lyrics definitely reflect some serious reasonings! Tracks like "Tree of Life" and "World Peace" in particular will keep your feet tapping and your brain thinking. Highly recommended.


by DJ Bahilman on Tchiya Amet Portal Entrance
This is a breath of fresh air

This is a breath of fresh air. The Goddess has truly capture what has been miss in the music industry today (realism ). Along with what we as the original people of the earth have lost and are trying to regrain. Our knowledge of self. Tchiya Amet posses both. I can really relate being a Black Cherokee and Jamaican. I really hope to hear more from the Goddess. Peace Lady , keep it up. We need it.

by Avery Wiley on Tchiya Amet Portal Entrance

I felt really moved by many of Tchiya's songs, both musically and lyrically. I recommend this CD to anyone into roots reggae and/or great spiritually and socially conscious lyrics. I hope there is more to come! Jah Bless and Peace.