KemeTones Offerings, Services and Packages

Welcome to KemeTones Offerings, Services and Packages!   Now that you have taken the time to learn more about KemeTones, the time has come to decide what package is best for you! Of course, you can still choose to receive a Cosmic Sound Healing instead. Review these options here!   KemeTones draws on the Culture of Kemet (Ancient African Egyptian) Culture, Myths, Spirituality, and Archetypes for Healing Practices and Purposes.…

Sirius Alignment: Sirius, Venus and Moon in a Triangle! Sept. 7, 2015

Good Rising. Great Awakenings! Uben Nefer. Nehast! Sirius Alignment: Sirius, Venus and Moon in a Triangle! Today’s Rising was most wonderful for me personally. I so enjoy getting up early to watch Sirius as She rises, and these past few days, have been spectacular. Here are a few photos that I took, plus some video clips from the past couple of days…. Venus to left, Sirius to the right, Moon…

Kemetones: HeruScopes NEW VIDEO!! 101

KemeTones©: HeruScopes© 101 NEW VIDEO!!   Learn about YOUR Ra Sign, the Neteru, and the Cosmic Forces known as the Planets. These are just a few of the topics that we will cover in detail during the upcoming Align with Sirius Rising KemeTones© Level 1 Certification and Retreat in Portland, JA.  July 12-19, 2015  

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