Shetaut Neter

Day of Nut

Ancient African Adorations Musical Offerings and Wisdom Teachings for Goddess Nut. February 26 is the Day of Nut according to the Neterian Calendar of Holy Days presented by TemoleOfAmun.comIn this series, Musical Offerings of Wisdom teachings are shared in alignment with the Holy Days. ONKAO dua Asar un nefer Neterah mph vol 1 pg 153 hymn to Asar4 Great TruthsDua Nut Muta RaChapter 19ProtectionDua Nut Dua Geb Dua Shu Wisdom…

Ancient African Adorations: ONLINE CONCERTS 2020!

The evolution and spiritual awakening of Tchiya Amet is reflected in her Music. The most recent development has been a spiritual reconnection to Kemet, the remembrance of Her Divinity and relationship with the Higher Self. This Music has become a vehicle to carry her and all who listen onwards, to Nehast, Enlightenment, the Great Spiritual Awakening. Hotep!

Hall of Maat

Hall of Maat This Hall of Maat is an Online Offering of My Devotion to the Goddess Maat. This Hall was constructed on November 2, the Second Day of the Ancestors, the Third¬† Day of Maat in the Year 2015. Your presence here means that you are ready to have your heart touched by the Feather of Maat. Feel the soft gentle coolness of this Feather gently¬† caressing your aura,…

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