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About Tchiya

“Her music is rooted in Roots Reggae, Traditional Native American, Afro Brazilian and Afro Cuban  music, a blend of Indigenous and Contemporary world rhythms I call “Reggae Fusion Jazz”- says Sirron Kyles, General Manager at HousTone Records.

Tchiya is a student of several languages, “I can order dinner and get around town in many places!”-she jokes. Many different languages are featured in songs on this CD. “Often referred to as the Island’s Robert Flack because of her soft vocal style, but similarities to Sade and Esperanza Spalding, a mild Erykah Badu, Sun Ra because of Tchiya’s fondness for unique instrumental arrangements,  and of course Bob Marley because of her oneness messages which are always featured in her song lyrics”- says Marc Gordon Entertainment Editor, Waiting Room, USA Magazine. (read more) 

More About Tchiya

Tchiya Amet El Maat

Awakening to the beauty of her journey, Tchiya Amet, singer, songwriter & keyboard artist, shares her sweet sounds and lyrical reflections with the rhythms of reggae, world and celestial music.


Chicago, IL Born August 5th, 1961 and raised as a young girl on the South side of Chicago, Il., Tchiya’s interests were as diverse as her cultural heritage.  Her rich background resembles a patchwork quilt with the golden thread of spirit connecting each facet of her life.  


Tchiya has First Nations Roots: Moor, Cherokee/Tsalagi, Creole, and Blackfoot. She is contemporary Urban Indigenous Woman, which is complemented by her core ties with mother-nature and her close affinity to the land, water, animals, cosmos and spirit.  She is comfortable in the remoteness of the countryside, the depths of a lush jungle or on stage at metropolitan nightclubs soothing the hearts and souls of those within listening range. In essence, her gifts of lyricism, music and performance manifest in every fiber of her being and allows her roots to reach the now, the then and the will be…  (read more)

The Music of Tchiya Amet can be experienced in a variety of ways:

Reggae Band: Original LIVE Reggae Reggae and also, Reggae Fusion Jazz
Featuring Ancient Teachings from the Four Directions, combined with contemporary rhythms.

Tchiya Amet on Keys and Vocals, Hiram Broyls on Bass, Adam Zanolini on Sax and Flute, Chris Paquette on Percussion, and Tim “Cream” Jones on Guitar.

Medicine Wheel Music: Native Reggae Band or Acoustic, Solo Performance, Indigenous Medicine Music, chants,  hand drums, shakers, etc. Healing Wisdom

Celestial Folk Music, Edutainment with emphasis on the Culture and legend of the Star Nations from the 4 Directions. with slide show presentation about many Star Nations cultures, cosmology, star charts, etc.

Ancient African Adorations: Kemetic (Ancient African Egyptian) Devotional World Music, based on Teachings of Kemet, with the goal of Being Enlightened in Every Moment. Relaxing, peaceful, healing, educational, inspiring, and enlightening. Features slide show, solo (Kemetic Harp, String Instruments and various African Drums and other Instruments) and also with Band performances.


Contact Tchiya

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For Booking Inquiries, contact Milky Way Records and Productions at 773-571-1591 or email amet13 at tchiya.com

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