Djehuty Brings Back TefNut/Sekhmet

Uben Nefer! Beautiful Rising.

May 14 in the Neterian Calendar of Holy Days: Djehuty brings back Sekhmet. Back to Kemet, and back to her Divinity.

Opening Prayers:
Offerings to Anpu
O Anpu Opener of the Ways
4 Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

Dua Djehuty
Dua Hetheru Neteritah, Sekima
dua Sekhmet, Dua Net
Dua Sekhmet, Dua Aset
Be Enlightened: Dua Sekhmet

Pillars of ra: Festivals of Ancient Egypt

Who is TefNut/Sekhmet
Tree of Life pg 94: Sekhmet is the power to destroy evil.
pg 263: Lionness

Djehuty: The Cosmic Mind of Creation; Divine Intelligence
TOL pg 121

Djehuty Opened Sekhmet’s Mouth with 4 Parables. which will be studied in fullness on another Holy Day. Today, the emphasis is on coming back from spiritual amnesia by the Cosmic Mind, Divine Intellect.

The eye of Ra and the Eye of Heru: PMH pg 94 ebook

Nuk Hekau Nuk Ra Akhu Nuk Ba Ra Nuk Hekau

PMH chapter 4 vs 19 pg 181
gloss pg 189

Selections from PMH pg 108 Egyptian Yoga vol. 1
Sekhem – a em mu ma aua Set:
I have gained power over the water as I conquered Set

Rex – a em Ab – a Sekhem – a em hati – a
I know my heart, I have gained power over my heart

Controlling the Emotions:
Egyptian Yoga Vol. 1 pg 178 proverbs.

Egyptian magic from Egyptian Yoga Vol. 1 pg 208-209
Quotes from the Kybalion:

“To change your mood or mental state, change your vibration”
“To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, concentrate on the opposite vibration to the one to be suppressed”

PMH Vol 3 by Sebai Maa
pg 118-119
vs E, F, G
Aset pu her sheta im-s
aha en san n-s sheny z im ar Wadjyt
Nebt emu chetu Arit Ra pu
ankh udja seneb

Dua Djehuti, Dua Sekhmet
Nuk Pu Djehuty, Nuk Pu Sekhmet
Dua Nehast, Nuk Pu Nehast

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