Ancestral Healing: Ra Djehuty Rephan Ip/ Sun Mercury and Saturn in Sidereal Scorpio

ANCESTRAL HEALING: Ra Djehuty Rephan Ip/ Sun Mercury and Saturn in Sidereal Scorpio

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HeruScopes for The Second Day of Ip, November 24, 2015


This is usually a very difficult week for me, as three painful events for my Clan happen this week in history. November 23, first Day of Ip, My Mother, Jane Ann JOhnson Hambric died in 2010. Then of course, on the Thursday of this week, this corporation celebrates the slaughter of Indigenous Peoples, including the Wolf Clan of the Cherokee Nation, and Saponi Blackfeet in Mississippi, plus countless others. November 30, 2001, is the date my father, Edward Milton Hambric, Sr made his transition.


Usually at this time, I become very depressed. This year, has started off differently already. I feel that it is because of all of the healing work and releasing that I have been doing. For more info on Self Care and Self Healing,
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Here is the chart for today from

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Ra ra


Sesheta Ra DJ & Sesheta

Ra is speaking to us right now through Djehuty in Ip (Scorpio) and Sesheta in Tamet Amon (Aries)


First thing we see is of course, Ip, Scorpio: Ra, Djehuty, and RePhan. Sun, Mercury and Saturn. Saturn remains Retrograde until December. This Portal remains open until the beginning of December.  The Sidereal Month of SCorpio, or IP only lasts 7 days. A TRUE Scorpion is rare. That is why this window opening, or portal opening is so very crucial for healing work.

Full Moon is in Taurus, however, today, still in Aries.
Sesheta Tamet Amon moving  into Apis.


HetHeru and Set are in Aspolia (Venus and Mars in Virgo), You can learn about this combination in previus posts and webinars.

We are in the Season known as the Days of the Dead. I know, you thought it only lasted a few days. It actually lasts from Mid-Fall to Mid-Winter. This is the time when the veil between the Realm f the Living and the Realm of the Dead is thinnest, and it is easier to connect with those on the Other Side.

I would say that this is a powerful week for healing family relations, past present, and also, planting seeds for harmonious relations in the future. This can be accomplished by much prayer, fasting and self healing techniques. The KemeTones Self Care Session for November 23 is about this very topic. There is also the episode on Healing with Water.

Ra, RePhan and Djehuty in Ip: Desires, Manifest through Sacred Word, Broken through Boundaries that no longer serve us, and establishing new ones for our protection. and Obstacles Overcome through the Power of our Creativity. The Planting and Purifying time of Aspolia is behind us. We have just left the Time of Maat for bringing our lives into balance, harmony, order. Purification of the Heart. Now it is time to purify our desires, and make them manifest out of service to the Divine, not the Ego. The Full Moon in Apis will enhance our prayers and energy work. This will also signify an opening into Our Divine Inheritance and  Our Natural State of Abundant Prosperity, if we are wise with Our Resources that is. For instance, joining in the efforts to boycott Black Friday and all Oppressive Holiday Shopping. Putting limits on our spending and setting boundaries around our eating habits, “sacrificing the pleasure” of the so called American Holidays, which really celebrate the slaughter of OUR way of life, to this very day!


This is a time to Honor our Ancestors by taking bold actions to establish our mental and financial freedoms. Making efforts to connect with our Ancestors, honoring them by not partaking in the celebration of their and our own destruction.  Establishing healthy Traditions and Boundaries for our culture so that we can pass on the wisdom of the Ancients to the Youth of Today and Future generations.

 HERE IS THE REPLAY FROM THE KEMETONES SELF CARE SESSION ON ANCESTRAL HEALING! I go through the HeruScope, then apply this Celestial Information to the healing work. This episode is about Healing from our Ancestors Journey to the NOW.

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With this combination,

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