Wisdom from Ancient Egypt at THE DOJO! June 25

Wisdom from Ancient Egypt at THE DOJO! June 25




Come out and Join us on one of the longest days of the year, in honor of the Sun and the Summer Solstice. This live event at the Dojo will bring several exciting Kemetic Wellness practitioners together, KemeTones: Cosmic Sound Healing, Ra Sekhi Kemetic Rekhi, and AudioPharmacology Kemetic Healing Sound Shower. In addition to learning more about these Natural Energy Therapies, you will also have the opportunity to receive treatments, either at the event, or schedule a session for the near future.


What is KEMET? Kemet is the Indigenous name of Ancient African Egypt. It means Land of the Black, referring to the rich black soil of the Nile Valley, the Original People that come from this Land, as well as the Sacred Darkness that is the source of Life.

The day begins with a musical presentation: Ancient African Adorations,

 a rare performance of  “Ancient Egyptian Fusion Reggae” music at DoJo.

then we move into the Kemetic Healing Sciences.

Presentation by Khemra Anetera







Chef Via Rosa will be on hand serving her Delicious and Nutritious, Natural LIVE FOODS!

We end the day with an illuminating REGGAE PERFORMANCE by Lenni I, Tchiya Amet and the HURRICANE REGGAE BAND!    We will be performing  2 songs (Two Roads and Children of Ra/Un Mesu Ra) from my cd,
The Blue Lotus Speaks, Vol. 1: ANPU, THE OPENING,
for the first time, REGGAE STYLE!                      Tickets are $10.


The DOJO is located in the Pilsen Neighborhood in Chicago. MESSAGE FOR ADDRESS!


This event is being brought to you by Reggae Wellness.

For More information:

www.reggaewellness.com    www.tchiya.com     http://www.thedojochi.com

415-373-1075;  707-972-6831


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